Colour Therapy the Yin and Yang


chakras and color therapyAccording to traditional and ancient medical systems our body has a known and treatable energy transport system.

The Ayurvedic system of holistic medicine (formulated in India thousands of years ago)  identified these energy flows and focal points of energy.

Most people to day have heard of chakras, these are the energy junctions which determine the state of the body and mind.

Just as the brain controls physical, mental and intellectual functions through nerve cells, chakras accumulate and channel energy around the body. The energy being invisible only becomes tangible through its effects. In a sense it is not unlike the various non visible light treatments we use today such as infrared. We know it exists because we see its results, but we cannot actual see it with our own eyes.


The practice of yoga and in particular pranayama  ( a system of breathing exercises) helps to channel the energy to the chakras,  which when activated release and channel energy around the body.

The very advanced yoga practitioner is able to boost their energy or prana hugely by the practice of pranayama. The stored energy can then be used for many purposes including healing.

Supporting scientific evidence to the existence of chakras was discovered by a medical researcher in the United States. Renowned neuroscientist Candice Pert Phd found that there were seven areas of the body corresponding to the seven main chakra points that were particularly rich in neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are the bodies natural healing chemicals.

Chinese Medical Tradition

In the ancient Chinese medical tradition meridians are the channels that conduct energy throughout the body. These meridians form a network of channels around our body. If meridian lines for color therapythese channels become blocked or are somehow disrupted the Chi  or energy ( prana in the Indian system) then the body the organs will not perform their correct functions.

If an imbalance arises, it causes low energy, and a feeling of being unwell and illness. When the meridians are clear and open, energy flows freely health and wellbeing is restored.

In the Chinese medical tradition, everything ultimately boils down to energy.  A view modern western scientists are just beginning to verify. 

The Chinese traditional approach to health and physiology is to care for the invisible and pervasive influences of emotions and energies that have a direct impact on our energy systems.

In fact the Chinese have identified 12 principle meridian of energy, divided into the Yin and Yang groups. The over 400 acupuncture points are situated along these principle meridians and 8 further extraordinary meridians.

Colour Therapy

Chromotherapy, sometimes called colour therapy, is an alternative form of treatment sometimes used in conjunction with acupuncture. Acupuncturists and other energy medicine practitioners believe that ill health or imbalances show up at an energetic level before physical symptoms become evident. Therefore they apply specific light colours at acupuncture points. The theory being that the light energy is then distributed along the same meridian system that the Chinese physicians identified hundreds of years ago. The technique is often referred to as Colourpuncture.

Supporting evidence to the  existence of the meridian system and the way it conducts light was discovered by Dr. Pankratov, a Russian researcher. He applied light to a specific area of the body and found that spot of light spontaneously appeared at another location in an area connected by a meridian.

More broadly today’s Chromotherapists apply specific wavelengths of coloured light to points on the body depending whether they are being guided by the Indian or Chinese systems. Specific colours are deemed critical for healing and energizing process.

Chromotherapy, colourpuncture or colour therapy have not so far been accepted by mainstream medicine. It is considered at best a pseudoscience at the moment. We will see what further research will reveal in the coming years.

The same establishment of mainstream medicine practitioners fifty years ago dismissed the very idea of light having any healing properties at all. Thank goodness for NASA and their experiments with red light in the early 1960s. Because of this we now all have access to safe and affordable systems for self treatment using multi coloured light systems.