White noise MACHINE

Best White Noise Machine Reviews

White Noise Machine?

A white noise machine is made to create a blend of frequencies that span the entire audio spectrum. They create a masking effect for external noise that promotes a quiet and consistent audio environment to help you to sleep, and to keep you asleep.

White noise machines should give a constant level of background white noise within a certain range frequency. It masks disturbing and otherwise unpleasant noises and helps you to relax.

The science of white noise is advanced and the benefits have been proven for many different situations and applications.


Who is Using a White Noise Machine ?

  • If you’re a night shift worker and have to sleep during the daytime.
  • If you can’t work or sleep because of noise beyond your control
  • If you find that white noise or natures sounds brings you to a calm and relaxed state.
  • If you have tinnitus.
  • If you have a baby or small infant, they can also benefit from some white noise. If they are not waking up, then you are not waking up!!!   How great is that.

Why try a White Noise Machine ?

If you can’t sleep because of noise coming from local noise, either inside or from outside your house, then you really have only three ways to deal with the problem.

  • Stop the source, not easy if it’s traffic noise though.
  • Wear ear protection.
  • Mask the noise by using a white noise machine or by creating relaxing sound masks.

With the variety of sleep aids available today you can surely find a product to assist you with a chemical free nights sleep, or in fact even a good days sleep. Simple white noise generators work great,  but many come with extra sound features built in.

Some of the models we have listed below have features like responsive volume controls and a selection nature sound bytes. We love them.

Which Type is Best?

There are two main device options:

  • A device which has recorded white noise to playback. Some devices also come with a range of other soothing sound like ocean waves, rainfall and woodland sounds.
  • A pure white noise machine will generate the sound naturally with a fan.

The first type can give you have a wide choice of sounds. In this category the price point you chose will obviously reflect the amount of sound options that are available.

There are a wide range of white noise devices on the market, it’s important to find device that provides the you the right balance between sound quality and at the same time that meets your budget.

The following reviews of the best white noise machines are in two categories: recorded sounds and natural white noise generators.



1) Ecotones Adaptive Sound Technologies Sleep Therapy System

adaptive-sound-technologies white noise machineThe Adaptive Sounds Technology Sleep Therapy System uses an innovative adaptive sound technology so the machine volume automatically adjusts based on your ambient noise levels.

The audio profiles on this device are very high quality with no noticeable sound looping. The profiles are rich and detailed,

The white noise sound masking produced by the device is one of the best on the market. This machine can tackle and masking some of the most disruptive household or exterior sounds. Traffic and road noises are exceptionally well dealt with.

You will find all the controls at the front of the unit unit. The circular dial chooses your sound profiles (waterfall, rainfall, ocean, brook, meditation, fireplace, train, city, meadow, and white noise). You will also find the richness button on the front panel; this is a great feature that adds detail to the sound. When you select ocean profile, and tap the richness button more ocean sounds are added like see birds and seals calling. Further taps add even more detail.

This is brilliant white noise machine , you can run it to turn off on a timer;  or choose continuous so that your new EDITORS CHOICEbest friend is helping you to sleep all night long.

This is one of our top two rated devices. See reviews


2) Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep White Noise Machine

The HDS-2000 is a great machine, the complete package. The sound profiles are realistic and sound homedics-hds-2000-deep-sleep white noise machinenatural with no audio looping.

You have three categories of acoustic profiles (white noise, water, and nature). Each category has its own various options. Ocean, rain, brook, and thunderstorm are your choices in the water category.

Both volume and tone are completely adjustable in all categories. In the white noise category there are a further four sound types to choose from (soothe, calm, relax and mask). The four nature tones are  Summer night,campfire, wind chimes and everglades. Sound quality in all sections is great.

The unit is shipped with a remote control that allows you to interact with the device function without EDITORS CHOICEmoving from your bed.

This is one of our top two rated machine.  See reviews


3)  Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Machine

marpac-dohm-ds white noise machine

The Marpac Dohm-DS is one of the best machines available in it’s class,. It only produces white noise, generating the sound from its built in motor. It does not include any pre-recorded sounds, which some other sound machines do have.
The Marpac DOHM DS does not have a timer so when it’s on, it will play all night long until switched off. The Marpac DOHM only runs on mains power. An 8 foot cable is provided with device.
It is easy to use. First choose high or low setting, then fine-tune the sound to your preferred tone and volume.  See reviews


4) LectroFan – White Noise Machine

lectrofan white noise machine

The LectroFan uses state of the art technology to generate dynamic realistic sounds to drown out disturbing and intrusive noises. The LectroFan has a choice of either ten fan or ten white noise sounds to help you drift off to sleep. So you have twenty unique and non-repeating sound variations, each has an adjustable volume control.

The unit can be powered by a usb cable or connected directly to your electrical outlet. See reviews


5) HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa White Noise Machine

homedics-ss-2000g white noise machine

The HoMedics SS-2000G Sound Spa offers you 6 sounds of nature, ocean waves, summer night, rain, thunder, white noise and running brook. It has a white noise option as a pick if you prefer.
The Sound Spa has a variable timer setting, so you can select a 15, 30 or 60-minutes. An auto off timer is also built in so it turns off when you do. Its portability and power options (battery or adapter) and the variety of audio options make the Sound Spa ideal for frequent travellers.

The size and weight of the Homedics Sound Spa white noise machine makes it easy to fit into your travel bags.  It weighs in at 1.3 ounces with overall dimensions 10.2 by 7.8 by 2 inches.  See reviews