This device comes with a great choice of four different colour options. This gives you possibilities for a range of different treatments. Each treatment head is an impressive 2.5in in diameter and contains a whopping 48 LEDs in each head. This should help to cut down your overall treatment times, Included is a comprehensive users manual with explanations of the various colour treatment options.

Easy to use:         Small and lightweight. Lamp change overs easy and fast.
Colour options:  It comes with four light  options.Can cope with most treatment requirements
Great price:        This device has packed a lot in for a bargain price.
Finish:                  High quality materials used.
Reviews:              Excellent after sales from a company that cares.


ViVi photo therapy device Boxed photo

The 2.5″ head is a great feature compared to other brands on offer. The density of LEDs is another important factor in deciding to purchase. We think that the 48 that is on offer here is again higher than some other device options.  The ViVi Phototherapy device has simple to operate functions built into the handle . The device connects up to normal power source a generous 5ft cord and adapter is supplied. A set of safety goggles are provided to complete your treatment kit.

Easy to use and understand function buttons are situated on the body of the device. Simple and functional design.

Mains Base unit
Power adapter
Instruction manual

Colour: Light grey
Voltage: 12V,110-220V
Treatment Areas: Facial, Body

At the time of writing the Vivi has had 19 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. Giving an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.  Although Amazon reviews do not give a full indication of the excellence of a product they are one of the methods we use to quickly verify the general public’s view.

Another excellent well conceived device. It offers boasts great treatment results according to many verified users However we feel it is important to be clear about what you require the unit for. Although it a super price, remember you are paying for four treatment heads.  If you think all; or the majority of them will be useful to you or your family then this is a great unit to choose   If it is just cosmetic, anti ageing treatment you want, then perhaps a single light option may be more cost effective.

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