Trophy Skin Blue MD

Trophy Skin Blue MD Review. Light Therapy for Acne.


Trophy Skin Blue MD Review
Acne Light Therapy . 

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We are looking at the Trophy Skin Blue MD in this review.  A light treatment device to combat, and treat acne and associated skin conditions. 

Rather than just pure blue light, it combines an additional array of red and infrared LEDs in the treatment panel.We are going to take a critical look at the treatment it offers.

We will explain the science behind the light frequencies used in the device. Most importantly we’ll see how they combine to give the best chance of a good treatment outcome.

This is a high end product but is it worth the premium price? Let’s take a look.

 Trophy Skin is based in Frisco Texas, A specialising in cosmetic light therapy, they market a small range of successful dermabrasion and anti-ageing devices as well as the Blue MD.

At a Glance
Blue MD can help to

Product:         Blue MD
Brand:             Trophy Skin
Type:               Desktop Panel 

Treatment:    Acne Light Therapy
LED Count:     120.


  • Clear acne breakouts
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Reduces pore size
  • Fights acne baceria
  • Balance sebum production
  • Decongests blackheads
  • Clear pimples

Features of the Blue MD

The Trophy Skin Blue MD has an unusual design approach to their light therapy device.  At first glance it’s looks more like a table lamp than an LED panel lamp to treat acne.

The design does have certain benefits to the user. As a panel device it treats a larger area than hand held acne devices, so treatment times as shorter.

Most other desktop panel lamps are not aimed specifically at acne, but some can provide an element of blue light therapy. They are much larger than the Blue MD and not really portable.

Not marketed as portable, this device is so lightweight and easily positioned, that we class it as a semi portable. You are tethered to a power socket when you are using it though.  But as a hands free device it can be set up just about anywhere.

The bendable arm makes it easy to position the LED light panel in front of the treatment area. That said, some imagination would be required to treat areas other than face and front upper body. 

Fully assembled it measures around 16 inches tall. It’s difficult to give a precise height because it depends on the bend in the flexible arm. The weighted base is around 6 by 6 inches, and gives a quite adequate support to the light panel above.

This is not a feature rich device, an on/off  blister button on the base is all the controls it has. Nothing complicated here. It does have an automatic timer on board, that shuts the device down after the five minutes of treatment time that the manufacturer recommends. All in all it’s a pretty cool looking thing.

5 Trophy Skin blue md
What comes in the box for assembly.

Set Up

The BlueMD arrives boxed but unassembled. But we are not talking about box full of complicated parts arriving at your front door. No nuts, bolts or complicated schematic drawings here. Don’t worry, you don’t need an engineering degree to get it up and running quickly.

It is just a matter of two clicks. Click the treatment panel to the arm, then twist and click the bendable arm to the base. Just plug the power cable into the unit, and you’re ready for action.It’s a breeze.

Treatment Panel Light Array.

The Trophy Skin Blue MD panel is fitted with 120 LEDs, using three different wavelengths of light..

But they have prioritised the blue, red and infrared lights. So the panel array is populated with the following LED count:

  • 60 x Blue Light  (420 nm)
  • 40 x Red Light  (660 nm)
  • 20 x Infrared     (880 nm)

6 Trophy Skin blue md detail

So why a mix of lights? And what do they do?

Trophy Skin have included three light wavelengths in the Blue MD to increase the chance of a good treatment outcome. Each acts differently on and below the skin, It’s gives a more holistic approach to treating the cause and symptoms of acne. 

Blue Light can often have a significant effects on pimples. These light wavelengths pass through the epidermis and can effectively kill the acne bacteria. Because the body’s immune system no longer produces antibodies to fight the acne bacteria; many users have also seen an almost immediate reduction in inflammation.

Red light properties are used for a variety of cosmetic therapy treatments. They helps to activate collagen production, so it is extensively used for anti ageing. Acne suffers can benefit from a collagen boost too, because it helps to smooth and plump the skin. Red Light also repairs broken capillaries, and reduces pore size,.

Infrared light wavelengths are just above the visible spectrum. So it will appear as if twenty of the lights in the Blue MD panel are not working. Don’t worry they are.
Infrared light is shorter and faster than visible light waves. It carries much more energy than visible light. Infrared light energy boosts the production of nitric oxide ,which increases blood circulation to the skin. This helps to regenerate damaged tissues.

The manufacturer recommends the best treatment distance at around 6 inches. For best results, use 3 times per week for 20 minute sessions. Results are generally noticed in 2-4 weeks, with best results seen at 8 weeks.

Is Light Therapy Safe?

Light therapy has been well researched and is considered safe. It is good practice with any device, including the Trophy Skin Blue MD,  to test the device on a none sensitive area of your body and check your skins reaction.

Always use the goggles. Perhaps surprisingly blue light is more likely to cause problems with your eyes than red light. The LED lights in home devices get warm but never hot. If you take any medications that increase your sensitivity to light, Check with your medical professional before starting blue light therapy.

Price, Warranty and Support.

The Trophy Skin Blue MD is not a cheap device. We would put it in the medium to high price bracket for a home device. At the time of writing this review it retails at $249.00 including shipping. 

Along with the purchase comes a 30 day money back guarantee. Which is good, but we would have liked a 45 to  90 day. A longer money back guarantee period is something every body wants of course. But we are not suggesting a longer period just for customer peace of mind.

 Light therapy actually takes time to work, and 30 days is around the time needed for meaningful results to be noticed. So in our opinion it would be better for the customer and the vendor to give a little more than 30 days before the decision has to be made to  keep or return the device. We think this would be a “win win” for everybody. The 30 day money back guarantee is still a pretty compelling one.
For the rest of the warranty it’s a standard one year, from the purchase date.

We have found the customer support from Trophy Skin to be exceptional. It is a specialist company, that limits itself to just a small range of products. So in our experiences dealing with them, they were knowledgable, prompt and concerned about any comments or complaints. They get a five star badge from us for that.

2 Trophy Skin blue md

Included in the Box
Other Specifics

  • Panel Unit
  • Power adapter
  • Bendable arm
  • Base section.
  • Goggles.
  • User Manual

  • Colour: White
  • Voltage: 12V,110-220V
  • Treatment Areas: Facial, Body

Reviewers Notes.

All in all Trophy Skin have produced a credible acne treatment device, that follows the scientifically tested principles of acne skin treatments using light therapy.

Although it does have an unusual design, we think it works on several different levels. We particularly liked the flexible arm innovation, which we have not seen on any other devices. That it is hands free and “semi portable” we consider a plus point too.

The downside of this type of design is storage. It can’t be easily stowed away in a drawer when not in use without disconnecting the flexible arm. This is “do-able “ but not convenient. That said, most panel devices suffer from this, and at least the Blue MD looks pretty stylish if it’s left out.

Blue light therapy is none invasive, drug free and importantly, unlike drug treatments, the effects of the therapy does not diminish over time.  The build quality of the Blue MD, and the nature of light therapy, means that it should be by your side for the whole journey.

This is a significant panel device for acne treatment and control,


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