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TANDA Clear Plus Acne Clearing Device REVIEW


We all want nice skin. In our worst bad dreams are pimples,blackheads, or worse an acne flare up. A real world nightmare we can do without.
The Tanda Clear Plus Professional is specifically designed to treat these type of skin problems,. A lightweight, cordless, handheld device combining a powerful blue light (414nm) with sonic vibration and  gentle warmth. 


Blue Light
The blue light produces photo-toxic oxygen singlets.  These attach to the P.acnes bacteria (acne-causing bacteria) effectively killing it.                                               

Sonic vibration
Increases microcirculation to reduce inflammation while agitating the skin to expose more of the bacteria to the light

Gentle warming
The warming light energy produced helps to opens pores and allow the light to reach more bacteria.
The three elements, vibration, warmth and blue light, when matched together deliver technology  to effectively assist in clearing mild to medium acne outbreaks, and to zap pimples.
The Tanda is suited for different skin types;  dry, oily, combination or sensitive skins have all been helped by the Tanda technology. 

tanda plus -box-and-unit


We liked that the Tanda Clear has several built in user friendly features to ensure a safe and easy user experience.

To activate just press the orange power button, the power indicator light will flash green once to indicate the device has been activated.

The treatment head has a built-in contact sensor. When the treatment head is in direct contact with the skin the sonic vibration, blue light and gentle warming treatment begins.

The Tanda Clear has a three-minute treatment cycle. An audible beep will sound every 30 seconds to let you know that treatment is ongoing. Two quick beeps will indicate when treatment is complete.

The device will turn itself off off if is removed from the skin for more than 20 seconds.

We also liked the positive safely feature built-in to the device treatment head, that turns off the device off the treatment head surface gets too warm. The device will give a three beep warning if it is getting too warm.


tanda plosBefore you start treatment connect your device to a power source to fully charge up the Tanda Clear’s rechargeable battery. This should normally take around 4 hours

With all light therapy devices it is always advisable to perform a light sensitivity test the before starting treatment.

So pick a part of your body to test (not your face).  A good area would be inner fore-arm, then apply the light for 3 minutes. Wait 24 hours and see if you have had any negative skin reaction. If not then …..

1)  Prepare skin for treatment by cleansing your skin of all makeup and creams

2)  Start treatment by pressing the orange power button once to activate the device Then lightly place and hold the treatment head over each breakout area for a full three minute treatment cycle, Repeat twice a daily until the breakout has cleared.

3)  After treatment  you can re-apply your favourite skincare products. Make sure they are non-comedogenic (formulated so as not to cause blocked pores)

tanda clear -before-and-after
Before and after pictures


Because the device is rechargeable it means you are not tethered to a power socket during treatment. Which is great.  No need to buy batteries either. 

The treatment head is detachable, this allows you easier access for better cleaning . The head is designed to last up to 6000 hours before needing to be replaced. That’s a lot of 3 minute treatments and a lot of pimples!  You do the maths!

The 414 nm blue light wavelength has been specifically chosen as being  clinically proven to kill acne-causing P. acnes bacteria.

The Tanda Clear is 100% UV free.

If the unit begins to overheat then the built in safety feature with audio alarm will auto shutdown.


We found the Tanda lightweight and easy to use, Just an on/off button on the body of the device.  The Tanda Clear is programmed to do the rest.  We thought he device and base stand combine to give a very professional look to the unit. We liked the tactile feel of the device too. It feels as if quality materials have been used too.


  • Tanda Clear handheld unit 
  • Mains Base unit
  • Power adapter
  • Goggles
  • Instruction manual

Colour:                      White
Treatment head:    2.6 in2
Voltage:                    110-220V
Treatment Areas:   Facial, Body


Easy to use:         Small and lightweight. Cordless device.
Colour options:   One blue light option, specifically for skin treatments.
Great price:          High power and good LED density at an affordable price.
Finish:                  Quality materials used.
Reviews:              Good user feedback >>


The Tanda Clear is HoMedics flagship skin therapy device.

Other devices may incorporate blue light just as a colour option in addition to red and yellow etc. But we like the way the Tanda Clear has been designed with just one specific aim, to control acne and simple pimple outbreaks. 

We also like how portable it is. Small and lightweight enough to carry with you when you are going out. Its three minute treatment cycle means that its easy to attack a pimple outbreak immediately  even when you are away from home.

The Tanda Clear is the only treatment device that offers sonic vibration and uses the residual warmth of the treatment head in its treatment protocols.

This a well designed quality product at a reasonable price.

As long as there are pimples in the world, we are going to need Tanda clear. They’re not going out of business anytime soon!!   It works for us.

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