Rejuven Light LED Light Therapy Review


The Rejuven LED home treatment device comes with a great choice of red, yellow, blue and green LED colour options. This will give you a very wide range of different cosmetic treatment possibilities.
The interchangeable treatment heads house a very impressive 48 LEDs each. This large diameter head dramatically cuts down overall treatment times.   

Changing the treatment head is a breeze, just a simple click onto the twin contacts of the unit.

The controls are on the device handle They allow you to choose from three settings:

  • continuous
  • slow pulse
  • fast pulse        

Included in the box is a comprehensive users manual, with explanations of the various colour treatment options, and pulsed light choices.

While it may not be important to the way the device functions, it is worth mentioning that the device comes beautifully presented, and laid out on a kind of faux satin cloth when you open the product box. Nice touch we thought, especially if you are thinking of giving it as a gift.


Red light:  provides wavelengths that penetrate several milli-meters into the dermis to proliferate collagen and diminish the appearance of crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles.. Red Light ls also a recognised rosacea treatment.

Green light:  is an effective complementary treatment for rosacea flushes. Green wavelengths can help with hyper-pigmentation and redness. 

Amber light:  can sooth and calm irritated and reactive skin. When combined into treatment sessions with red light many people  find that their skin responds even faster.

Blue light:  is used in the treatment of acne, Blue Light can often have an almost immediate effects on pimples. It also stops other related skin conditions like blackheads from getting worse. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of blue light is very often used by people who don’t want to take prescription drugs or are medication intolerant.


The Rejuven also comes with this as an option :

Continuous lightwaves are as they sound.  When the light source is turned on it stays at a constant level of output until it’s turned off. Many applications do benefit from treatment with continuous waves.

Pulsed lightwaves means  that the light is interrupted, or pulsed, by a frequency. The light source is turned on and off at pre-programmed time intervals. This happens very quickly and is often not detectable by the human eye.  In the case of the Rejuven though you can notice it. It’s been suggested that pulsed light may drive deeper into the tissue.

Refer to the manual. If you are still not sure, don’t worry, just select continuous mode. You can still be confident of good treatment results.




Install your desired LED treatment head on to the Rejuven. Choose which mode you want to use by referring to the manual that is provided. Glide it over your face and hold device still on each treatment section for 2-3 minutes. Focus on the four quadrants of the face. Use daily for 10-15 minutes total.

We recommend that you take a photograph of the area you are treated so you have a reference to compare your progress.


Easy to use:          Small and lightweight. Head change is easy and fast.
Colour options:   Red, yellow, blue and green options can cope with most treatment requirements
Great price:          This device has packed a lot in for a bargain price.
Finish:                    High quality materials used.
Reviews:                Excellent after sales service. See reviews
Price:                      See current price

The large treatment head is a great feature compared to other brands on offer. The density of LEDs is another important factor in deciding whether to purchase. We think that the 48 that the Rejuven offers here is again higher than other similar devices in a similar price range.  The Rejuven has simple to operate, and easy to understand functions built into the device handle .

The device is corded so you are going to be tethered to a power outlet when you are using it, but a generous length of power cord is included in the box.

Specifically designed for easy head change. Quick to set up. Just decide your treatment colour, plug in and you are ready to go. 


  • Base unit
  • 4 x Treatment heads
  • Power adapter and cord
  • Googles
  • Instruction manual


Colour: Very light grey
Voltage: 110-220V
Treatment Areas: Facial, Body

The Rejuven Light Therapy device is a well designed and engineered product. You really do get a complete cosmetic treatment centre in a single box. and at a pretty unbelievable price.  

The Rejuven is a one-stop shop for home LED cosmetic treatments. 

If you think that all, or just some of the colour treatment options are going to be useful to you then this unit is a great choice.  Given the range of treatment colour options, there may be at least one or more members of your family, that could benefit from using it too.

The continuous blue light option is particularly well used in our house by our kids.

If it is just cosmetic anti ageing treatment you want, then perhaps a simple red light device like the Yokpollar may be slightly more cost effective option. 

We love this device and what it offers.


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