Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD full Review
Anti Ageing Light Therapy . 

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In this review we are taking an in depth, critical look at the RejuvaliteMD.  A therapeutic light therapy device marketed to treat the multiple signs of ageing.
The red, yellow, amber and infrared wavelengths on offer should pretty much cover all the cosmetic light treatments you are going to need for face or body rejuvenation.

But let’s see if this really can be beauty salon in your own home.

And is it worth the premium price?

Based in Frisco Texas, Trophy Skin markets, and supplies the RejuvaliteMD anti-ageing lamp. Trophy Skin is a highly specialised  company in cosmetic enhancement equipment.  Their small, but very successful product range also includes dermabrasion and acne treatment treatment devices. 

At a Glance
RejuvaliteMD can help to

Product:         RejuvaliteMD
Brand:             Trophy Skin
Type:               Desktop Panel 

Treatment:    Cosmetic Light Therapy
LED Count:     120.


  • Smooth wrinkles, crows feet etc
  • Repair broken capillaries
  • Clear age spotted skin
  • Renew collagen production
  • Plump and leave skin with a healthy glow
  • Smooth uneven skin tone.

Features of the RejuvaliteMD

A stylish device, the RejuvaliteMD design looks more like a modern reading light than a light therapy lamp. We like the design, but this is not just style over substance. The RejuvaliteMD offers four proven light wavelengths that in combination offer excellent anti-ageing properties for a positive treatment outcome.

When assembled we found it stands around 16 inches tall. It is difficult to give an exact hight because it depends on how the flexible treatment head arm is bent. The weighted base is around 6 by 6 inches, and provides a quite adequate support to the light weight panel. 

Once assembled the lamp is pretty easy to manipulate to the position that you want it. Although it doesn’t look the most robust lamps it is in fact strong and well made from quality materials.  An on/off  blister button on the base is all the controls it has. Nothing complicated here.  All in all it’s a pretty cool looking thing.

new revuvalitemd red-1
What comes in the box for assembly. Don’t worry it’s a breeze.


The unit arrives and needs to be assembled before you can use it. But don’t worry fortunately you don’t need a degree in rocket science to get it up and running quickly. It is just a matter of two clicks. Click the treatment panel to the arm, then screw and click the bendable arm to the base. Just attach the power cable and the unit is ready for action.

Ease of use

What sets the RejuvaliteMD a bit apart in the light therapy market is that it is portable!  We know thats not how it looks, or how it is marketed, let us explain.

This lamp offers users a full facial treatment because of its panel design. In other words treatment time is short. All other full face panel devices on the market are large and rather unwieldy desktop units.  Whilst arguably they are portable too, not with the same ease as the RejuvaliteMD. We found that it really fits in to the users lifestyle pretty snugly.

For the rest there is just an on/off switch on the base to worry about. It couldn’t be simpler to use.


old revuvalitemd red-2
This is the older model RejuvaliteMD . For demonstration purpose

RejuvaliteMD Performance

The RejuvaliteMD treatment panel houses an array of 120 LEDs, split evenly between four light wavelength options

Red light:  provides wavelengths that penetrate several milli-meters into the dermis to proliferate collagen and diminish the appearance of crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles.. Red Light ls also a recognised rosacea treatment.

Yellow light:  yellow wavelengths has quite a shallow skin penetration but is effective in the treatment of skin issues such as spider veins.  Also helps problems such as sun damage.

Amber light:  can sooth and calm irritated and reactive skin. When combined into treatment sessions with red light many people  find that their skin responds even faster.

IR light:  stimulates collagen and elastin production in dermal fibroblasts. Basically it helps to pump and smooth the skin,

Infrared (IR) is actually outside our visible wave length so the three IR rows in the panel appear not to be working. Don’t worry they are!

RejuvaliteMD Panel

Features and Build Quality

The LED treatment panel is approximately 6 x 6 inches.  It may look a bit rectangular on the product images on our review. Thats because the head is slightly curved.

The panel head and the weighted base are made with a pretty high quality and durable plastic casing with metal parts respectively. The flexible gooseneck is made of flexing aluminium and a rubber body casing, also with metal parts on the connecting joints. Overall feel is good quality.

The RejuvaliteMD has a built in timer that shuts the device down after five minutes. Shutdown is set at five minutes because that is the manufacturers optimum recommended.  We liked this positive safety feature.

Included in the Box

Other Specifics

  • Panel Unit
  • Power adapter
  • Bendable arm
  • Base section.
  • Goggles.
  • User Manual

  • Colour: White
  • Voltage: 12V,110-220V
  • Treatment Areas: Facial, Body


At the time of writing the cost of the RejuvaliteMD was $249.00 including shipping. This puts it in the medium to higher market price. 

But Trophy Skin do give a 30 day money back guarantee, and a full 1-year warranty on the unit.  So if you don’t feel it is working for you then you have the money back option.

Bottom Line.

With any light therapy device results need time and consistency of use. Best results are normally seen with most cosmetic light treatment after 4-8 weeks.

We found the Trophy Skin 30 day money back option just a little disappointing considering best results from these types of devices don’t start to show till around the third or fourth week.  However a large percentage of long term users do report good results. 

We always recommend taking a photo before starting your treatment journey, as the results are often quite subtle. Weekly photo shots can then assessed to check progress. 

Of course the best proof is when you bump into a friend you haven’t seen for a while and you get a ” Wow you’re looking great ” greeting!!!  

So this is a device with a track record of success. The only real drawback when compared to other some other panel devices is it can’t be easily stored away when not in use. However its elegant design is easy on the eye, so perhaps leaving it on display might even enhance your decor! 

Not a cheap option, however when you consider the costs involved with treatment outside your home it should pay back the initial investment very quickly.  Let’s face it, when you buy cheap it generally ends up costing more in the long run.  We’ve all made that mistake. 

Light therapy devices might look similar, but as experts we advise you to resist the urge to go cheap.  

We think that Trophy Skin has produced a well researched and credible anti-ageing device here,  Quality materials, good build quality and great customer support puts the RejuvaliteMD firmly in our top three devices.


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