Project E Beauty Mini Device Review
Salon Grade Skin Care Treatment at Home  

1 New Project E Beauty Mini Panels


We are reviewing the strangely named Project E Beauty Mini Panel device. Strangely named because a mini device this certainly is not,  In fact it is one of the largest home light therapy devices on the market.

The fact that it offers a pretty amazing array of seven light wavelengths, combined with a generous panel size on paper at least makes it a real contender for the best in class.

We are going to take a critical review of all its features, and the relevance of so many colour options.

Does everything on offer actually stack up into the premium price tag, or is this really a sheep in wolf’s clothing!!

Let’s check it out…..

  Project E Beauty is a respected professional in the world of personal care products.Headquartered in Hong Kong China they are a world wide distributer of a large range of home and professional grade beauty and personal care products.

Their experience in the professional market has translated into a range of home use products.

At a Glance
 Helps to 

Product:          Photon Therapy Machine
Brand:             Project E Beauty
Type:               Desktop Tryptic Panel

Treatment:      LED Light Therapy
LED Count:    420


  • Smooth wrinkles, crows feet etc
  • Repair broken capillaries
  • Helps age spotted skin
  • Renew collagen production
  • Treat acne, pimple and rosacea
  • Repair sun damaged skin

Features of the Project E Beauty Mini Panel Device

3 New Project E Beauty Mini PanelA table top device;  it’s usually used for facial and upper body therapy, but with a little ingenuity and a moderate acrobatic skill it could conceivably be used on other parts of the body too!!!

The first thing we noticed about the device is the generous panel size. it has to be large because it houses an array of 420 LEDs split into the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow.  We found the panel easy to adjust for height, and we liked the way the two side panels can be adjusted to suit the area being treated.

Control Panel

A blister button control button is on the base of the unit,  You have the three primary colour choices of yellow,red and blue buttons. The built in countdown timer is also controlled from there. 

The timer beeps every minute during treatment, which the user might find mildly annoying or maybe quite comforting. We did not find it distracting, and if you are using particularly dark safety googles then an audible countdown is handy.

And finally two preset mode buttons. With these selected the machine runs through an automatic cycle of colours and timings.  These may be useful after initial treatment period is successfully completed and the user is using the device for skin maintenance.

Program A:  Red x 3 mins, Blue x 3 mins, Yellow x 3 mins

Program B:  Blue x 4 mins, Yellow x 4 mins.

These presets do seem more aimed at acne and pimple maintenance than any other therapy though.

Colour WaveLengths

1 New Project E Beauty Mini Panels

Treatment Options

RED:             650nm. Wrinkles, Crows feet, Frown Lines
YELLOW:     590nm. Dark and Age spots, Freckles
CYAN:          470nm,. Acne Pimples
ORANGE:     610nm. Muscle flexibly
BLUE:           463nm.  Acne, Pimples,
GREEN:        527nm, Comfort,
PURPLE:      600nm. Toxin Elimination

Is the Project E Beauty Panel Device Good Value?

There are very few therapeutic light panels on the market that offer this size and sweep of panels. Panel devices are generally more expensive than their hand held cousins simply because they offer up to ten times more LEDs. The larger the LED array the shorter the treatment times, especially on larger areas. So in this case size does matter.

You will find beauty salons and dermatologist offering various types of light therapy treatments. The cost is going to vary according to the treatment.

The thing to remember about light therapy, especially anti ageing and acne treatments, is that it is a long term strategy.  When eventually successful it then needs maintenance on a regular basis.  So a course of light therapy at your local beauty salon might initially seem cheaper than the cost of this device, it will almost certainly turn into a money pit.

The convenience of using light therapy at home? Well we can’t put a price on that.

The Project E Beauty Panel is in a high price range for light therapy of products. Whilst paying more does not mean you are going to get better. With the Project E Beauty Panel we feel that you are getting value for money, and its premium price is worth paying.


  Non Invasive.
 Chemical free.
  High LED count
  Excellent build quality
  Folds flat for storage
  Good Customer Service

  Cannot priorities treatment area.

What’s it like to use


2 New Project E Beauty Mini Box

Panel devices like the Project E Beauty are generally easy to use. If you are wanting to use one of its three primary colours, red blue or yellow, then it’s a simple press of a button. The other colours are combinations, so two buttons have to be chosen to activate them.  Simple enough, the process is fully explained in the manual.

Included in the box:

  • 420-LED Light Device
  • Goggles
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power Adapter and cable.
  • Guarantee.

It is important to follow the manufacturers recommendations when using the device. In particular be aware of the recommended distances. You must be close to the LED panels to get the maximum effect. Thats why the googles are provided. Light losses it’s power dramatically the further away you are. So close is best, and don’t worry these type of lights do not get hot.

The manufacturers maximum treatment time is 20 minutes. We would recommend being cautious when starting. Use just 5 minutes to start, and build just a minute a day to the maximum. This gives the tissues time to adjust, especially in acne treatment, and it also gives the user a chance to look for any contraindications.

 Project E Beauty Mini Bottom Line

This top level domestic panel device has everything included that you could conceivably need.  It going to take care of all your current home light therapy needs, and probably any that might crop up in the future.

It’s important to remember that the effects of light therapy do not diminish over time. Unlike some cosmetic products, light therapy is non invasive and does not require any expensive creams or ointments.

Not a cheap product, but it’s not cheaply made either and should give many years of regular use. If you have been a visitor to the dermatologist or beauty clinic for any length of time, then this unit is going to save you a lot of money.  It is your own light therapy clinic, on demand, and when you want to use it.

We are confident in recommending this Project E Beauty product. They are real experts in the field of laser light and many other technologies. With this device you are getting the benefit of buying from one of the best professional and personal care product companies on the market.



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