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Positive Mindset During Sports Injury


Although no one likes to think about it, injury is part of the risk management involved with being an athlete. Whether it is a small niggling injury or a season’s showstopper we have to accept the place we are in, and look for ways to deal with it.

But lets face it injury can often derail even the most motivated sports person.

We must accept that in a competitive sporting environment, injuries are likely to occur. So keeping focused and a positive mindset during your sporting downtime, and throughout recovery is vital.

However in truth this is something many athletes often struggle with.

NEG-THIEF. injuryBe aware that Injuries can induce a wide array of emotions.

An athlete may feel anger, frustration, depression, nervousness, and even in some cases a sense of hopelessness with their situation.

We must prepare for these potential setbacks and approach them with a positive mindset. The way you cope with your injury mentally absolutely has a direct effect on the speed of your recovery and your ultimate return to your chosen sport.


It is important to see your recovery as a team effort. Your eventual recovery will be the winning result of a successful and effective team.

  • Don’t beat yourself up on what you are missing out on.
  • Do look upon your enforced sidelining as an opportunity. This may sound counter intuitive but depending on your injury look at various cross training options to enhance your core passion and devote positive time practicing these new training regimes.
  • Do refocus your goals. Be realistic. Refocusing on a new cross training schedule helps to keep you in a positive place.
  • Make a progress chart, chart your progress daily or weekly. Don’t focus only on your end goal but on achieving constant progress.
  • Do find out all you can about your injury this will help to alleviate anxiety and mystery about your issues.
  • Do and this is an obvious do, do find a good sports doctor to guide you through your rehabilitation process. It is important to see your recovery as a team effort. Your eventual recovery will be the winning result of successful and effective teamwork.
  • Don’t focus on where you are but where you are going.

Of the points listed above without any doubt the most important is positivity.

Especially in the early stages of an injury most athletes are overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Recognise this, and swing the minds momentum back to positivity. As the initial shock and stress diminishes try to be assertive over your mind.  Wrestle any negative thoughts out of your mind. Concentrate on your new training possibilities and how they will enhance your core sport when you recover.

Finally don’t forget your favourite sport is still going to be there when you recover, and it is waiting for the new rejuvenated you to return. Don’t rush back too hard too soon. Start with small steps not strides. You will be ready to perform at better than your previous peak before you know it.

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Best Light Therapy Devices for Injury Management 

We have looked at, and reviewed, a number of home use infrared and red light therapy devices. We consider them the best pain management and injury recovery options on the market.  

We hope our reviews help you on the road to recovery.

  • The LIGHTSTIM is a mixture of 2 x infrared and 2 x red light.
  • The DPL FLEX SYSTEM is a mixture of infrared and red light.
  • The BEURER is a pure infrared device.  
  • The LIGHT RELIEF is a mixture of infrared and red light.
  • The TENDLITE is a pure red device.                                


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