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Phillips HF3505 Light Alarm Clock Review.  Dawn Simulator Radio Alarm

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This is one of the most economical models in the Phillips range. But the Phillips HF3505 still has plenty of features packed in. The Phillips company pretty much dominates the Dawn simulator alarm clock arena, so even from one of their low end products you can expect a lot.

Main Features of Phillips HF3505

In common with all the devices in the Phillips Sunrise Simulation range the device lights up gradually prior to your alarm sounding. With this model there is a choice of two bird songs ease you awake. Or if you prefer Phillips have also included an FM radio option to listen to your favourite radio station in the morning. We love the bird song.

The sunlight simulation gives a yellow light sequence that increases in density over a 30 minute period to a maximum of 200 lux brightness. You do have ten options of brightness to choose from to tailor the intensity of light to suit you and/or your partner. Want to sleep in a little, then just tap the device and you will activate the 9 minute snooze function.If you want the alarm can also be used as a bedside reading lamp, which is a nice feature.

This Phillips HF3505 does not have the sunset option that the more expensive devices do. So you are on your own when falling off to sleep!!

Main Design Features

Nice modern circular design finished in very light grey with the digital alarm face in the centre. The unit has a diameter of 18cm (7in) and has the easy to understand function buttons studded into the alarm body surrounding the light face. In the back of the device we find the speaker for your FM radio and alarm sounds as well as the mains plug socket. It sits on nonslip rubber feet.

 Ease of Use

The Phillips HF3505 dawn simulator light alarm has been carefully designed to give a great user experience and that of course includes ease of set up when you are setting your desired early morning wake up regime. It has a very easy system to follow and although the function buttons are quite small they can be readily accessed and used. The instruction manual is easy to follow though, with plenty of illustrations. You can find your complete users manual here >>

Included in the box

  • Philips HF3505 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
  • AC/DC adaptors
  • Instruction manual
  • Guarantee
  • 1.5m (5.0ft) power cable


This is a good basic choice for a Dawn Simulator. It still gives you a beautiful wake up experience without the additional option features that the slightly more expensive models have. We think that this model would be a great choice for a child’s bedroom. As with all Phillips models in this range we love the style and design of it, it is sleek and modern, looks cool in fact. The functions that are omitted on this model may not bother you, and certainly would not bother a child.

A good product from a great manufacturer.