Norlanya Photon Therapy Machine
Salon Grade Skin Care Treatment at Home

3.5 New Norlanya Panel


This review is taking an in depth look at the Norlanya Photon Therapy Machine. The flagship device in the extensive Norlanya range of home use skin therapy machines

One of the very few triple panel light therapy devices on the market.  It offers the user three therapeutic LED light options, along with some other interesting features too. We are going to look at everything it offers, and explain their benefits or otherwise.

This is a great looking machine, but Is the Norlanya Photon Therapy Machine worth its premium price tag? 

Style over substance?  We’re going to find out….

 Founded in 2010 the Norlanya Brand is headquartered in HongKong. The company is a very serious distributor of cosmetic and aesthetic medical equipment.

Their large and varied range of products are mostly aimed at beauty salons and professional clinics. However they do also market a smaller range of home use skin care devices.

With the home use Norlanya Photon Therapy Machine the user should benefit from the companies vast experience in producing devices for beauty professionals worldwide.

At a Glance
 Helps to 

Product:        Photon Therapy Machine
Brand:           Norlanya
Type:               Desktop Tryptic Panel
Treatment:  LED Light Therapy
LED Count:     420


  • Smooth wrinkles, crows feet etc
  • Repair broken capillaries
  • Helps clear age spotted skin
  • Renew collagen production
  • Treat acne, pimple and rosacea
  • Plump and leaves skin with a healthy glow
  • Repair sun damaged skin

Features of Norlanya Photon Therapy Machine

The outstanding feature of course is the generous size and build quality. The overall sweep of the tryptic panels is 15 inches, with the LED arrays minus their frames around 13 inches wide.  So it’s roughly the size of an average laptop screen, to help you visualise it.

We liked the solid build quality. It’s quite a weighty device at around 5 pounds, but we found that to be strangely reassuring.

Subconsciously weight means substance, and substance usually means build quality.  And in this case it’s certainly true.

We definitely get the impression that the Norlanya Photon Device is going to stay by our side for the journey.

LED Panels 

The centre panel of the LED array is fixed, but the two auxiliary side panels can be adjusted and angled ( maximum around 90º to the centre panel ) to suit the area being treated.

Although normally used for facial treatments, the device can easily used on other parts of the body so being able to angle the side panels is a nice feature.

Use for the legs, and the panels can be fully tilted out to give a near full wrap around.  Use for the back and the panel can be simply flattened back down to its “home” position.


The Norlanya Photon Therapy machine is a clinical looking device, with quite a large table top footprint, so we presume most owners will prefer to stow it away when their treatment session is over.

Because of the clever design the device can be folded down to just under 3 inches, so can easily be stored in a cupboard or even a drawer when not in use.

Control Panel

The blister control panel located on the base of the unit allows the user to select colour, time or one of the two seasonal automatic modes. 

Initially most users will use one of the monochrome treatment colours, however the two automatic modes could be handy for maintenance therapy after first days or weeks of treatment.

The manufacturer automatic mode presets :

Program 1:  Yellow light 3 minutes, red light 3 minutes and blue light 4 minutes.

Program 2:  Yellow light 4 minutes and red light 4 minutes.

Norlanya Photon Therapy Control Panel

What Do The Colours in the Norlanya Photon Therapy Device Do?

The Norlanya panels house an LED array of three colours to treat a specific range of skin problems, as well as offering anti- ageing treatment.

3 Norlanya Panel Front pg

The 420 LED colours are more or less evenly split into: 

  • 150 Blue Light LEDS
  • 135 Red Light LEDs
  • 135 Yellow Light LEDs

Although the red and blue colour options will probably be the most used, the yellow is much more than a complimentary to the other two. It does have very specific benefits especially to Rosacea sufferers. 

Lets look at what each colour can treat……..


Blue LED Wavelength

Norlanya panel device blue light



The blue light is effective in treating and controlling certain acne breakouts. It is also brilliant at treating, eliminating and keeping at bay everyday pimples.

Sebum is a waxy oil that waterproofs and lubricates our skin. Over production creates bacteria that leads to some familiar skin problems like whiteheads, pimples, enlarged pores and blackheads. It is one of the trigger mechanisms for acne too. While blue light therapy is not prescribed for serious acne conditions it has been very successful in treating moderate and female cyclical acne.

Blue light stimulates porphyrin which attacks and kills the P.acne bacteria.

If the body’s immune system does not produce sufficient antibodies to fight the acne bacteria; blue light helps to boost the production.

Because of this many patients have seen an almost immediate reduction in breakouts and the associated inflammation.


Red LED Wavelength

4 Norlanya Panel red light


The red light does have a very wide range of applications, but we are just going to concentrate on its anti-ageing properties.

The red light stimulates a magic molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This sends chemical energy to collagen and elastin cells and restarts their production. The natural processes that time has stopped are begun again.

With consistent use red light therapy can actually help to roll back the years.  It is not a fountain of youth, but has been shown to make a significant difference to all the classic signs of facial ageing.  Crows feet, fine lines  and “ laughter lines” are all smoothed. When both elastin and collagen are stimulated the face becomes fuller and radiant again.

Common Uses
Repairs sun damaged skin
Smoothes wrinkles and crows feet
Repairs broken capillaries
Helps age spot
Renews collagen production
Fades scar tissue
Smoothes skin texture
Plumps skin
Treats dry skin


Yellow LED Wavelength

4.2 Norlanya Panel yellow light


The yellow light is sometimes seen as a just a complementary treatment to be used with red and blue light therapy. But it does have its own unique therapeutic characteristics.

It calms the skin. So it’s ideal in the summer months for sun burnt and flushed skin.

it doesn’t  penetrate the skin as deeply as red light, so is typically not used in anti ageing therapy, it does help with things like the spider veins, freckles and hyper-pigmentation as well.

Because of its skin calming propertied yellow light is often used as a stand alone treatment for Rosacea.

Is the Norlanya Photon Therapy Machine Good Value?

Because the Norlanya Photon Therapy machine offers such a broad range of treatment options with high LED density in each colour band.  It’s kind of like a mobile dermatologists clinic that you can set up in your own home.

Life throws our skin a lot of different challenges. So whilst the initial device purchase might seem high to tackle one specific skin problem, for sure others are going to pop up over time, or in the case of zits, pop out over time!!  The Norlanya will be able to easily cope with most of the everyday skin problems that threaten to wreck your plans.

If you look at the cost of topical treatments, creams and magic serums they can end up rolling into a frightening amount of cash.  Trips to a professional clinic? Well that’s a whole different level of money and time commitment.

The thing to remember about light therapy is its effects do not diminish over time unlike some chemical or topical solutions.  As we said above the Norlanya is a machine that will be beside you for the journey.

The Norlanya Photon Therapy Machine is in the medium to high price range for these types of products. Whilst paying more does not mean to are going to get better. With the Norlanya we feel that you are, and the premium price is worth it.


 Non Invasive.
 Chemical free.
  Multi treatment
  High LED density
  High build quality
  Excellent customer service

  Corded Device. Tethered to power outlet. We have put this down as a “CON” as in a CONsideration.

What’s it like to use

Corded desktop devices like this do require a little more mental commitment to use than their smaller cordless cousins.

But when they are set up and running they reward the user with much faster treatment times because of higher power output, and of course a much higher LED density for more effective treatment.

Included in the box:

  • 420-LED Light Device
  • Goggles
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Adapter and cable.

Important to Know

Remember when using any light therapy device, and the Norlanya Panel is no exception, you must be close to the light source. It is no good thinking that you can sit the same distance that you do from your computer screen and expect good, fast results from the device. It wont happen. The closer to a light source the more effective they are. 

Forget the publicity photos put out by some manufacturers of a pretty, smiling girl bathed in light from a distant light therapy machine. This is not how these devices work. 

Light intensity reduces rapidly according to distance. Move from 12 inches to 24 inches from a light source and treatment times must be increased by a factor of four just to receive the same therapeutic benefit.

Googles to protect the eyes from the light is very important, but even more so at such close proximity.  That’s why googles are included in the box.

Bottom Line

The Norlanya Photon therapy machine is a quality, premium device.  We think it a significant device that has been conceived, and designed around sound and scientifically tested principles.

Generous panel size and Impressive density of LEDs makes a really compelling light therapy machine.

We think its three therapeutic colour options give the user all they are ever going to realistically need in terms of home light therapy.

They cover treatments ranging from hyper-pigmentation all the way through to simple pimple control.  Although we think that the most popular treatments will be for anti-ageing using the red light option, and acne and spot control with the blue.

Although the initial price might seem quite expensive, remember this is a one time purchase. Topical creams, serums or OTC drugs are not. 

Also the effectiveness of light therapy does not diminish over time, unlike some cosmetic or acne control treatments.

If you are looking for a flagship desktop light therapy machine, this one is top of the class.