Norlanya red light therapy


Product: Red Light Therapy Machine

Brand: Norlanya

Treatment: Cosmetic Light Therapy

LED Count: 40


The Norlanya Red Light Machine is a light therapy device set up to treat multiple signs of ageing. It uses clinically proved light wavelengths in the red spectrum to assist collagen simulation and production. Hand held and portable with built-in rechargeable battery.


Founded in 2010 and based in Hong Kong China, the Norlanya Technology Company is a distributor of a wide range of aesthetic and medical equipment. It specialises in both home and professional grade devices mostly ranging through the cosmetic treatment market. The Norlanya Red Light Machine is one of three home use light therapy products in their range.

Norlanya Red Light Machine Look and Design

The Norlanya Red Light Machine follows the normal design pattern of these type of hand held devices. It is pretty much a standard template that most manufacturers use.

What does set the Norlanya apart from other devices is the large treatment head, which we liked a lot.  This is a major aide in cutting down treatment time. Measuring nearly 3 x 2 inches it is one of the largest available on the market. It houses the array of 40 LEDs set at 660nm that stimulate the collagen production.

All the controls are on the device handle. The on/off and mode switches are blister buttons that lie flush to the handle.

It is a surprisingly lightweight unit considering it has a built in battery, it weighs in at just 5 ounces. We found the light weight an important factor when using it for prolonged facial treatments.  This a cosmetic therapy device after all, not gym workout. Your arm should not end up aching at the end your session.

Ease of use

The user has to choose which is preferred treatment mode they require. The NorlanyaRed Light Machine can operate in either continuous or pulsed treatment mode.

Continuous lightwaves are as they sound.  When the light source is turned on it stays at a constant level of output until it’s turned off. Many applications do benefit from treatment with continuous waves.

Pulsed lightwaves means that the light is interrupted, or pulsed. The light source is turned on and off at pre-programmed time intervals. This happens very quickly and is often not detectable by the human eye.  It’s been suggested that pulsed light may drive deeper into the tissue.

After choosing the mode your ready to go.

What we really liked was not being tethered to a power cable when using the device. We found that being liberated from the power cord means the the device fitted seamlessly into our lifestyle.

Norlanya hand

Features and Build Quality

As with all Norlanya products we have seen, the build quality is good. Although it is lightweight it does not feel cheap or shoddy in the hand.

The device wont turn on while it is plugged in and being charged. This is a minor safety feature that probably has caught many new owners out.

A built in sensor in the treatment head stops the light coming on until the head is covering the area to be treated.

Included in the Box

  • Main unit
  • Power adapter
  • Instruction manual

Other Specifics

Colour:                     White
Voltage:                   12v,110-220V
Treatment Areas: Facial, Body
Weight:                    5 ounces
Treatment Areas: Face and Body


At the time of writing the cost of the Norlanya Red Light Machine was $59.99 including shipping. This puts it in the low end of the market in terms of price. 

The Norlanya Technology Company gives a full 1-year warranty on the unit.

Bottom Line.

We found the Norlanya Technology Company’s guarantee of one year just normal. However some companies also offer some kind of 30/60 day money back option. This does give the buyer an option to return; and cash back if the device is not working on them. It is a little disappointing that Norlanya does not at least offer the same.

This is a device with a track record of success, but as with all light treatments it is not an overnight miracle cure. Results need time and consistency of use. Best results are normally seen with most cosmetic light treatment after 4-8 weeks, not overnight.

This is not a feature packed device, and it only gives one red light option. This means it is only for anti ageing treatments. It is a budget entry level device but it will certainly provide the user all the home benefits of red light therapy without the expense and inconvenience of trips to beauty clinics or spa treatment centres.