Nature Bright Sun Touch SAD Lamp Review

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Product: Nature Bright SunTouch Plus

Manufacturer: NatureBright

Treatment: SAD Therapy

Light Count: 4 x 8 Watt T5 Tubes


Small and reasonably portable, the Nature Bright SunTouch Plus therapy lamp produces 10000 lux of white light from an array of four 8 watt tubes. Its primary use is the treatment of SAD symptoms.
It has a built in ioniser that can be used independently of the therapeutic SAD light. At extra cost Nature Bright can also supply an aromatherapy option that attaches to the front of the unit.
It comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase.


The NatureBright SunTouch Plus has become a hugely successful lamp by featuring a number of interesting options at an affordable price.

The Nature Bright SunTouch Plus is the only one in the Nature Bright range that incorporates a built in ioniser. Optionally you can purchase the clip-on Sun Touch Plus Aroma Capsule to dispense your chosen aromatherapy fragrance.

The Sun Touch Plus is the best selling of the two panel devices that Nature Bright have in their range. It produces the full  SAD lamp therapy level of 10,000 LUX lighting and does not offer lower optional intensity settings.

We found the inbuilt timer a nice feature. It allows 15 minute settings up to a maximum of one hour.  Also being able to run the ioniser separately from the light gave it an extra dimension for us.

With a small desktop foot-print and a slim and upright design, it fits just about anywhere. The actual overall dimensions are 9 x 6 x 13 inches. Fairly lightweight too at 7 pounds, it’s easy to store away when not in use.

What are the Benefits

  • Enhances mood, and promotes a more restful nights sleep
  • Re-syncs the body’s circadian clock
  • Built in negative ion generator
  • Ideal for both office and home
  • Increases energy levels
  • Promotes concentration
  • Flicker free light is easy on the eyes

Negative ions are naturally and abundantly found near moving natural waters, streams, lakes and of course the sea-side.
We all know how invigorating it feels being close to natural water, especially a waterfall, the beach or getting caught in a shower of rain. Warm rain preferably!!

The Nature Bright SunTouch Plus offers this without getting wet.

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Directions for use

The SunTouch Plus is best placed where it bathes your face in light. The important thing is that both retinas are exposed to the light. That does not mean you look directly at the light. That should be avoided. Most people find it convenient to place the unit on a table while taking breakfast, or adjacent to their work desk. You can easily read, eat, work at your computer, while using your light. Remember the proper hormonal response to SAD light therapy is through the retina of the eyes, not through the skin. However, don’t stare at the light.

Treatment method

SAD light therapy normally involves daily sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. As a precaution when first using the device it is wise to start at small increments of time such as 15 minutes, and then to gradually work up to longer periods. Light therapy is most effective if used in the morning, quite soon after waking up.

Top Tip

The user should be aware that the Nature Bright SunTouch will produce 10,000 lux at 12-14 inches from the light source. As the distance from the source increases the lux value decreases.  This is common to all SAD lamps.   See or guide to LUX and Lumens >>
Here are some sample values:

12 inches = 10,000 lux
24 inches =   2,500 lux
48 inches =      625 lux
Using light therapy at night prior to going to bed may disrupt sleep.

At a Glance

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp
CompanyNature Bright
ProductSun Touch Plus
Main Features

sad-presccrition Natures bright

  • Flicker free lights

  • 5000 hours before bulb replacement

  • UV Filter

  • 60 minute timer

  • Negative Ioniser

  • One year warranty on parts.

Power In120 V 45 W
Size9 x 6 x 13 inches
Weight4.15 lbs.
Lamp Type4 x 17,000-Kelvin UV-free tubes.
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This unit looks like a very specific SAD treatment device, While some devices can be easily harmonised into their surroundings, this unit definitely can’t. It probably would need putting away when not in uses.

Build quality is good.  The controls are found tucked away on the left side of the device. Very easy operation. Just on/off, timer and ioniser selector button. The power cord was a little un-generous we thought at around 6 feet.

Included in the Box

The Nature Bright SunTouch Plus unit.
Complete instruction manual

What we Like

Easy to use:          Small desktop footprint. No frills, an on/off device.
Light options:      Just 10000 lux. Why waste time with anything less.
Great price:          This device has packed a lot in for a very competitive price.
Finish:                    Good quality finish.
Reviews:           Excellent user feedback.


Natures Bright

Bottom Line

The Nature Bright SunTouch Plus is a hugely successful, SAD light at an affordable price. 

It could be called portable, but really is a device to use, and store away till the next treatment. It is perfect lamp for those who want a more affordable light therapy solution for their desk or breakfast table.
The Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus does not offer a light intensity setting option, as some other models do. We did not feel this was a particular drawback ,as this is designed purely as therapy lamp, not a reading lamp, so why add to the retail price with un-necessary extras. We get it.

The lamp will also appeal to those interested in taking advantage of the benefits of negative ions. Just the cost of an ioniser device on its own will often be more than this entire unit.

What we liked most was the price/feature ratio which is good. What was not so appealing in our opinion was the looks.

But we all know looks aren’t everything, and hey we are not planning to marry the lamp!!!!

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