Collagen food for great skin

7 Natural Collagen Food Options for Beautiful Skin

No one likes wrinkles, pimples, crows feet or bags under the eyes. We would all like to have flawless skin? But how to get a glowing, fresh young looking skin? These are the questions that most of us ask ourselves first then skin specialists or dermatologist. Clear glowing skin is a dream for everybody. But it need not be an impossible dream.

Different skin types have different problems associated with them. Oily skin is prone to pimples. Dry flaky skin can get itchy and normally needs to be hydrated often to keep it fresh and young looking. Then of course there are combination skin types, often with the worst of both worlds. Even people blessed with normal skin type need to take care with regular cleansing, toning and hydration treatments.

Collagen reduction as we age.

As we get older an added problem in maintaining a beautiful skin texture is the loss of collagen. Of course ageing is a natural process, and it manifests itself by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in or skin. This is primarily due to the reduction of collagen levels in our skin. Collagen, along with elastin, are two of the fundamental elements that we have in abundance when we are young, but as the years go by our collagen levels decrease. In fact from our mid twenties our collagen levels reduce by around 1 % per year, until our mid forties when collagen stops being produced completely. Red Light Therapy is a great modern approach to boosting collagen levels. But we have also listed below a selection of foods that are a great natural source of collagen boosting elements.


Best Foods to Improve Collagen Levels


The avocado is a rather unique type of fruit. Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats.
avocado Avocado Collagen food for great skinThe avocado has become incredibly popular amongst health conscious individuals and in the skin care world in particular. Not just for facemasks and creams, but as a great form of nutrition. Some of the abundant nutrients found in avocados are vitamin E, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Avocado oil in particular is rich in vitamin E which protects our skin from damage caused by free radicals. It also protects our skin cells from oxidization.


green-beans Collagen food for great skinAlthough now widely available in supplement capsules, hyaluronic acid is found abundantly in beans. Almost half of the bodies hyaluronic acid reserves are found in the skins’ collagen. acid retains 1000 times its weight in water within the skin cells. This makes it a great natural moisturizer. No other biological substance retains as much water, so its inclusion in your diet as a supplement or as a food is considered important in softening and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet.

Black and Green Olives.

Olives Collagen food for great skin

Olives are great for a healthy skin. They are rich in sulfur, which is a wonderful aid to promote collagen formation. Maybe surprisingly they help in reducing skin oiliness and prevent pore blockages. Olives are also packed with vitamin E. Olives and olive oil as well as being a delicious addition to a meal are also high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates.



carrotsRich in vitamin A carrots help to increase collagen and elastin formation. Vitamin A helps to stimulate the dermis layers by improving the blood f low to the skins surface layer. The body’s absorption of the humble carrot is enhanced up to six times with light cooking. The beta-carotine and Lutein found in orange carrots are a great source of antioxidants.



KALE Collagen food for great skinThey say “kale is king”. It is one of the most nutritious plant foods available. It is absolutely packed with all kinds of health giving compounds. Some of which have medicinal properties. Loaded with antioxidants that help to overcome the oxidative damage, which is believed to be one of the drivers of the ageing processes. Another great source of vitamin C, in fact a cupful of kale contains more vitamin C than an orange. The abundant presence of antioxidants and phytonutrients help to boost the skins hydration and elasticity.

Lemons and Oranges

orange fruit for collagen boostOne of the world’s favourite fruits. Oranges as well as being packed with vitamin C, which we are all familiar with, are also sources of four other major antioxidant compounds. As well as its many well known health benefits the antioxidants in oranges slow the rate of free-radical damage and helps to increase the production of collagen.


Vegetables and Red Fruits.

Strawberries Collagen food for great skinRed peppers, beets, red potatoes, strawberries, cherries, red berries. Apart from all the wellknown heath benefits of red fruits and vegetables they also contain lycopene antioxidant that helps to reverse the appearance of the effects of ageing.




These food tips are really a natural skin care solution. They will help to improve your skin from within, and help provide a better skin naturally, giving you a brighter more youthful look. With proper attention to diet your body and mind your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated and healthy.   Take care of yourself, and be healthy.