Lumie Body Clock Active 250 featured

Lumie Body Clock Active 250 Review – Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock.

Established in 1989 Northern Light Technologies are active members of the Circadian Lighting Association. They have grown into one of the largest manufacturers of bright light devices and specialty lighting products in the world.
They produce the Lumie Body Clock Active 250  a mid range dawn simulator alarm, that has been packed with features that are only normally found in more expensive devices.

Main Features

The Lumie 250 gives you both sunrise and sunset options. It can be programmed to fully bring on the light, or dim it from 15 minutes through to a full 90 minutes. It has two sound options to choose from to help you wake up, dawn chorus bird song and rooster calling. We love the dawn chorus.

The sunset option has the programming options as the sunrise but a restful wave sound can be chosen to help lull you to sleep. If none of the feature sounds are what you are looking for then you have an FM radio option to tune in to your favourite station.

If you are concerned that the sunrise light simulation and natural sounds may not wake you up the there is an additional conventional “beep” setting to give you peace of mind, and peace of sleep.

The Lumie 250 uses halogen lights which give just one wake up bright light colour when simulating dawn wake up. You also have a choice to just have the light to wake you and no actual alarm sound if you don’t want it. The digital clock panel can be dimmed or turned off if you prefer when sleeping. It goes without saying that there is a snooze function if you ever need it. From most of the other user reviews I have seen, most people are ready to leap out of bed after a great nights sleep, but more importantly a great waking up process.

It also has a neat security function that allows you to set the clock to turn on and off when you are away on holiday

Perhaps one of the most important features that this unit has that many of it’s competitors lack is battery backup power in case of a power outrage.

Main Design Features

Modern design finished in light grey and white it measures (7.5in) tall and 22cm (8 1/2in) wide. It has easy to understand function buttons are studded just below and above the digital clock face.   The In the back of the device houses speaker for your FM radio and alarm sounds as well as the mains plug socket.

Lumie Body Clock Active 250 Ease of Use

Included in the box

  • Lumie Body Clock Active 250
  • AC/DC adaptors
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 x 42 watt Halogen bulb
  • Guarantee
  • Power cable



An excellent Dawn Simulator from Lumie. It has lots of great features that will help you to wake up naturally, or drift off to sleep to the blissful sound of waves on a beach.
One of the major buying points for many people is the backup battery that the unit has. It gives extra security in case of power failure. This is a well featured alarm clock that does stand out from its competitors.
Northern Light Technologies provides the device with an impressive 7 years warranty,  and a full 60 day money back guarantee. So they certainly stand by their product. We like that a lot.