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Low EMF Infrared Saunas. Best Personal Sauna Reviews

4.1 JNH Lifestyles NO EMF

An infrared sauna is a brilliant lifestyle addition and it’s not going to break the bank.

In the world of wellness and light therapy the infrared sauna easily ranks as our number one most beneficial buy.

When it comes to choosing a personal sauna for your home, there’s no shortage of choice on the market. A bewildering array of choices.

But we are just going to check out no and low EMF sauna (ElectroMagnetic Feld ) options.  EMF is a super important factor when choosing your sauna, and we are going to explain what it is, and why you should be concerned about it. 

Traditional saunas are great, but the infrared option offers a whole range of extra health benefits not found in conventional hot stone saunas.

As experts in light therapy we are excited to walk to through your no and low EMF sauna best buying options and help you find the safest, and best sauna to fit your budget and your home. 

What are EMFs Anyway

1. resize FEATURED IMAGE emfFor the purpose of this article we are just going to concentrate on electromagnetic fields created by our modern appliances.

We are interested in what they are, and why they should effect the type of infrared sauna we might purchase.

Invisible to the eye, EMF are lines of force that surround or emanate from an electrical or wireless device.

They can be split EMFs into high and low frequency. Electrical grid and domestic appliances emit low frequency EMFs. And high frequency EMFs are generated by all our wireless devices.

So when we watch TV, or even change channels with the remote control part of the EM spectrum is being used. 

Listen to your radio, tweet on your mobile phone, and you are using part of the electromagnetic spectrum too. We use this type of energy every minute of our modern day. 

Let’s get EMF in Perspective.

1 off the grid no emf sauna
Just cosmic EMFs in this little house !!!

Unless we are going to drop out of the modern world and live “off the grid”,  and I do mean off the grid quite literally, then we need to accept and understand that we are living in an unseen sea of man made EMFs.

There are just a few natural sources of EMF, and they are extremely weak.  The sun and some distant stars are really the only cosmic sources, and thunderstorm lightening is the only significant natural terrestrial source.

All the rest  is man made.

The modern world is a complex mix of magnetic and electric fields. In fact every electrical appliance in our home, or at work emits some level of EMF, and the closer you get to it the stronger it is. 

This means as we sail through the sea of EMFs in our daily life the electromagnetic strength around us will rise and fall as we move from one environment to the next.  When we are stationary, generally speaking EMF intensity around us remains at a constant  level. 

When we are enjoying our sauna we are pretty much stationary, and within close proximity of the infrared heaters. That’s why understanding EMFs, and choosing a low EMF emission sauna is important.

Best No & Low EMF Sauna Ranges

JNH LifeStyles ENSI Collection. No EMF Sauna.



JNH Lifestyles ENSI  2 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna

Put your mind at rest with this sauna,  the brilliant JNH ENSI collection of saunas have all been independently tested and certified by Intertek as EMF free. ( less than 1.00mG at zero inches )

1 JNH Lifestyles NO EMF_Resize

1 Person ENSI Sauna

2 JNH Lifestyles NO EMF_Resize1 JNH Lifestyles NO EMF_Resize

2 Person ENSI Sauna

3 JNH Lifestyles NO EMF_Resize

3 Person ENSI

4 JNH Lifestyles NO EMF_Resize

4 Person ENSI

The 2 person model has seven carbon fibre heaters spaced around the sauna walls, and below the seat to give a full body infrared coverage, and fast heating.

Depending on your energy supplier the manufacturer JNH estimates these energy efficient heaters cost around $0.25 per hour to run, which we find pretty amazing. But the double skinned hemlock wood construction also helps energy efficiency by keeping heat loss to a minimum.

Free of chemical treatment,  the hemlock wood used in the construction has been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This means that the timber has been sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. That is important and nice to know.

It also means that no nasty chemical fumes are going to leach out from the timber when it heats up.

1.5 JNF Overhead Image no emfHow to build

An ingenious “buckle together” method of construction means that with no special knowledge or tools the sauna can be erected by two people in less than an hour.  New owners should receive a “Delivery & Pre Installation Guide” before the sauna arrives at their home.

The actual owners manual that comes with the delivery guides you  through the build process.  Build process might be overstating it a bit, because it is actually pre-built. Clip together and plug in might better describe it!!

OK once it’s up and running, some nice relaxing music would be nice.

 JHN have taken care of that by installing a pair of speakers and an amp inside the cabin for you to hook your sound system up to.  We chill to Enya – “Caribbean Blue” , but I guess that’s kinda showing our age.


The standard ENSI sauna is not feature rich, but accessories including an ioniser, backrests, and “chromotherapy” lights can be purchased as extras.

While the backrests are a nice thing to have, and an ioniser is very beneficial for helping to keep the sauna germ, odour and dust free, we are yet to be convinced by chromotherapy.  If it is something that is interesting to you, then an extra $79.00 will buy a set of seven different coloured light options.

JNH are a hugely popular infrared sauna manufacturer with a large product range. However their JNH ENSI range represents a new benchmark in excellence and safety even for them.

If you are looking for the best,  look no further.


Radiant Collection. Low EMF Sauna.

2. 2-Person Hemlock Deluxe low emf sauna

2-Person Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Low EMF Sauna

The excellent Radiant Sauna Hemlock range offers ultra low EMF emissions.  The manufacturer states just 2 mG at 4 inches.

1. 1-Person Hemlock Deluxe_Low emf sauna

1 Person

2.1. 2-Person Hemlock Deluxe_low emf sauna

2 Person 

3.3 Person Hemlock Deluxe_low emf sauna

3 Person

4.Person Hemlock Deluxe_low emf sauna

4 Person

The 2 seater Hemlock is a fairly feature rich low EMF sauna package that comes with built in speakers, radio, CD Player with and mp3 connection. In addition it offers “chromo light therapy” and an ioniser, and all bundled into the budget retail price.

Not a bad gadget package, but what about the sauna?  After all that’s what we are buying. Bells and whistles don’t make a good sauna.

With the Hemlock range Radiant are marketing well built and well specified saunas. We like the styling, from the outside it actually has the look and of a conventional sauna. It’s built from the familiar T & G hemlock wood, and is easy and fast for the owner to assemble.

How to build

It uses clip system to erect the prebuilt panels and walls. All the wiring has been done in the factory prior to shipping. Even the power unit has been wired and installed on the roof of the sauna to make the build even easier.  Setting it up is just a breeze.

The door is made of 7mm tempered and tinted glass, and so the sauna does not feel too claustrophobic extra glass panels have been added in the sides.  These help to make it feel light and airy inside but still manage to feel private for the user.

Control Panel low emf

The sauna has dual controls so it can be adjusted from outside or in. Pretty handy if you want to adjust temperature half way through your session.

The five of the six large heating elements are located on the walls and below the seat. The last heater is on the floor which is not to everyones taste. It can make the feet a little  hot, but most of all in helps to warm you fast. It can be easily covered over of course, if the owner finds it unpleasant.

Some small additional interior touches like a a cup holder and magazine rack show enhance the user experience and show the manufactures attention to detail.

An excellent 2 seater low EMF sauna, the Hemlock comes with the full package of accessories for an all round great sauna experience.

All you have to do is bring your body along and enjoy all the benefits of an infrared sauna !!!!


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