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LightStim for Pain Review – Red and Infrared Light Therapy for Arthritis

LightStim for Pain Review
Pain Management for Arthritis and Injury Recovery. 

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This review is looking at the LightStim product for pain management, and particularly looking at benefits to arthritis sufferers. It’s a corded portable device that is uniquely set with four different light wavelength LEDs that offer pain relief, and accelerate injury recovery.

It’s not a device packed with features, no bells, whistles or gimmicks here.

The LightStim for Pain is basically an on/off device specifically designed and manufactured to address one range of medical issues. Pain management and rheumatoid and osteoarthritis relief. Let’s see how it stacks up.

The LightStim Company is headquartered in Irvine California. There are very few light therapy companies that actually manufacture in the USA, but LightStim is one of them. We like that a lot.

LightStim offer a specialist array of light therapy resources. They range from small hand devices for home use, though desktop panel devices, to professional full body LED beds, containing a massive 18,000 LED count.

At a Glance
LightStim for Pain can help to

Product:        LightStim for Pain
Brand:           LightStim.
Type:               Handheld. Corded.
Treatment:  Arthritis pain relief.
xxxxxxxxxxxxPain management.
LED Count:     72.
Made in:         USA.


  • Relieve arthritic pain
  • Relax muscles and calm the nervous system.
  • Increase oxygenation in the tissues.
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve circulation.
  • Release toxins trapped in cells
  • Speed up tissue and wound healing.
  • Speed up workout recovery.

Features of LightStim for Pain

We like LightStim’s mono-treatment philosophy. They don’t attempt to multi-task their devices by splitting the LED density into many colours. They aim each of their devices to one specific treatment. Many other companies that market light therapy devices offer multiple colour wavelengths to treat various conditions in a single device. So the individual colour LED count is most often compromised and reduced, and so is the results.  LightStim seems to prefer to be a “jack of one trade” not a “jack of all trades”.  

They have dedicated the whole LED array to just one thing, healing and pain management.

The LightStim for Pain has 72 LEDs. They are split evenly between the most important red and infrared light frequencies to treat pain, and accelerate the bodies healing processes.

The device is hand held; and needs to be run directly from a power outlet . We found this disappointing as we would have preferred to see a cordless model, so the user is not tethered to a plug socket during treatment. Especially in a pain management device we think that could be an important issue. 

Since the light colour choices are fixed, there is only a simple on/off switch located on the back of the head of the device.

The infrared spectrum of light that the device uses is not visible, so it will appear that half of the lights in the treatment head are not working. Don’t worry that’s just how it should look. 

Lightstim for Pain image 2
The 3 inch treatment head houses 18 x Red at 630nm 18 x Red at 660nm 18 x Infrared at 855nm 18 x Infrared at 940nm

Why Four Wavelengths in One Device.

 Just a little Science.

Lightwaves can penetrate the skin and tissue to different depths. The depth depends on the length of the lightwave. In the light spectrum only part is visible, and only some of the visible light spectrum can penetrate the skin to any significant depth.

Maybe when you were a kid and held a red torch to your palm, you were amazed to see it shining through on the other side of your hand. Change the colour to blue, green or yellow and nothing. Thats why picking the correct wavelength of light is vital for maximum therapeutic value.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean we can just run down the hardware store and buy a torch. There is just a bit more science involved.

Effects of Red Light

As red light deepens in colour so does its ability to penetrate the skin and tissue. Thats why the LightStim uses two red light frequencies to penetrate through to slightly different depths, These wavelengths (630nm-660nm) are for treating shallow tissues, joints and tendons. Very suitable for smaller joints like wrists and fingers. There is no noticeable heat given out or created by these red wavelengths.

Effects of Infrared Light

The infrared lights (855nm-940nm) produced by the LightStim for Pain ifs effective in reaching deeper into to the tissues and joints. The infrared light will warm the tissues from the inside to out and increase circulation through the treatment area. That’s why infrared saunas for example are so successful in causing intense sweating at a low ambient temperature. 

How Does This Help Pain?

The light energy of the infrared and red wavelengths in the LightStim for Pain should boost the production of nitric oxide which increases blood circulation. This aids rapid relief of both pain and improvement in sensation.  It also helps in the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Nitric oxide, a short-lived gas is naturally produced by the body.  It widens and relaxes the blood vessels. In particular in the large veins and arteries.  So after just a short treatment time blood flow is increased to nerves and other tissues. This boost in local circulation is one of the main reasons for pain relief, and faster tissue regeneration. The body’s healing process are accelerated by delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues and reducing inflammation to relieve pain naturally.

Is the LightStim for Pain Good Value?

Well to our knowledge the LightStim is the only pain management product that offers a range of four different light frequencies to alleviate chronic pain. We think that LightStim has combined the current research knowledge into light therapy, and has produced what they term “Multiwave Technology”. This simply means that built into this product are the four lightwaves that work together best to give targeted pain relief. Other devices do offer pain relief, but not using such a broad range of LED frequencies.

The LightStim for Pain is in the medium to high price range for these types of products. Whilst paying more does not mean you are going to get better. With the LightStim we feel that you are, and the premium price is worth it.


  Non Invasive.
 Chemical free.
  Lightweight.  Just 1.4 lbs
  High build quality
  Manufactured in the USA
  Brilliant Customer Service

  Corded Device. Tethered to power outlet. We have put this down as a “CON” as in a CONsideration.

What’s it like to use

Lightstim for pain image box

Hand held devices like the LightStim for Pain are extremely easy to use. In fact this one has just an on/off button. 

That’s the beauty of light therapy, it does offer a chance on demand temporary relief from pain. Injury recuperation will obviously depend on the injury type, but it will typically require multiple treatments to see results.

Because this is not a cordless device it does not carry a rechargeable battery on board, so saves on weight. Weighs in at just 1.4 lbs.

Included in the box:

  • 72-LED Light Device
  • Goggles
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 9-Volt Power Adapter and cable.

The recommended treatment times are between just 5 and 30 minutes, so the weight of the device is not a huge issue. But at least with the LightStim for Pain you’re sure you’re not going to end up with bulging biceps from using it.

Bottom Line

Lightstim have produced a significant pain management device that is conceived and designed around sound scientifically tested principles.

The correct mix of red and infrared light is key to successful pain management, and the LightStim has incorporated a broad band of both.

Good light therapy pain management devices like the Lightstim are usually quite expensive, but unlike OTC or prescription drugs they are a one time purchase.

And unlike many drug treatments light therapy does not produce the diminishing returns that require increased dosage. The pain management effects should remain constant and consistent with this device.

Arthritis sufferers in particular should benefit,  but it can also be prescribed for easing general sprains, strains, and workout recovery.

We rate the LightStim very highly, and think it offers excellent possibilities of a successful treatment outcome.



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