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Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device Review


Light Relief, based in California, produces the LR150 model infrared pain relief device. It provides users topical infrared heating, and red light for the temporary relief of minor muscles and joint pains as well as the associated stiffness.

The Light Relief treatment head houses an array of 59 coloured and infrared light LEDs, split into 24 infrared, 31 red, and 4 blue lights.

It also gives the user a choice of four frequency settings. From Start frequency through  to high.
The device also has a built in warm function, which can be turned on and off depending on the desired treatment . This function will only works though, if one the frequency options has been selected first.
The photographs of the device might give the impression that it is the size of a computer mouse, it is in fact a quite a sizeable and robust unit.
It can be operated un-tethered from the power cord, running on six AA batteries. Obviously rechargeable batteries would be the best option if you are planning to operate the device like this


Easy to use:          Cordless and portable as well as tethered
LED Colour:          Infrared, Red and Blue.
Looks:                   Rather cumbersome.
Finish:                   High quality materials used.
Reviews:               Good user feedback >>
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The Light Relief  LR 150 is essentially a hand held device, although it does have a “hands free” option if you strap the device on with the extended body strap that comes with the unit. 

The device is simply controlled by a mouse like rocker button conveniently placed at the top. Simply turn on, select your frequency and you are ready to go.

If you do want to select the warm feature, just press the left side of the blue rocker button to turn the warm function on or off.

Note: The infrared LED lights installed in the treatment head are invisible to the human eye, so don’t be concerned that half of the lights appear to be not working, your Light Relief device is working as it should.

For best results the manufacturer recommends two fifteen minute treatment sessions daily for two weeks.


Far Infrared Therapy (FIR) uses a low energy wavelength of light that is invisible to the human eye.  FIR does not harm the skin, but some other forms of light can.

Far Infrared Light can penetrate skin up to 3 inches. It increases circulation, and delivers oxygen to the surrounding cells and soft tissues.  This is important as the application of infrared light can reduce pain at the same time increasing joint mobility.  The light also acts as an anti-inflammatory.


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To be sure there are no misconceptions. Infrared  light cannot actually heal a damaged muscle or an arthritic joint.

It is not a miracle cure.

What infrared light therapy does do is, emit a light energy that heats up body tissues, and relieves pain. It does not heal the root cause of the pain. It diminishes it.  In some cases eliminates it, through heat and increased circulation.

Infrared light puts in motion the chain of events that can lead to the stimulation of the body’s own healing and pain suppressing processes.


Although the design may at first look rather cumbersome, it is in fact very user friendly.
Light relief have put some thought into the ergonomics of the device and produced what we found to be an easy to control and an easy to apply treatment head.

A very useful feature of the treatment head which is not immediately apparent when looking at the device is flexible and detachable from the unit body. This makes treatment of the more rounded areas of the body a breeze.   High quality finish too,

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Power unit and flexible LED head
Cable and wall adapter
User Manual


Colour:                     White highlighted with blue
Voltage:                    9v DC 110v 6 x AA batteries
Treatment Areas:  Full Body


Overall we like the Light Relief LR150.

  • We liked the portability of it. There are very few infrared pain relief products available that we would class as portable and fairly lightweight. Others we have tested were at best “lugables”. This one can actually travel with ease.
  • We found the LED density good.
  • We did not like the blue lights, and wonder why they have bothered to include the four blue lights in the treatment head. These are just a gimmick in our opinion, they have no treatment value what so ever. They just help to provide a pretty light show. The infrared and red LEDs are relevant to what the product sets out to provide, quick pain relief.
  • We did like the flexibility of the detachable treatment head. It certainly simplifies treating those difficult to treat areas. The closer the LED light source is to the skin the more effective the result. So wrapping onto skin is important.
  • As with most classes of this type of light device it can in some cases help to cut down,or occasionally eliminate the the need to take medication.
  • Cost effective. If you can get relief without having to visit a therapist. It is also so much more convenient to home treat.

We like the Light Relief LR150. And recommend it as simple no frills device, that could compliment a pain management plan.

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