Infrared Sauna Benefits. Deep Detox & Weight Loss

Infrared sauna benefits are pretty well documented.  They are a really effective tool for healing, wellness and illness prevention. Simply by climbing in and enjoying your infrared sauna triggers a lot of perhaps unexpected health and wellness benefits. 

Unlike traditional saunas which operate at high and sometimes harsh temperatures, infrared saunas produces a soothing and therapeutic heat. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue to produce health benefits that are just not available in conventional saunas.

The best things in life make you sweaty.
           Edgar Allan Poe 

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Infrared Sauna Benefits for your Health

Infrared Sauna Detoxification.

Sweating is one of the most efficient ways to detox your body. Sweating can flush the body of substances like alcohol, cholesterol, and salt. Heavy metal and really harmful chemicals can also also eliminated through deep sweating. It purges the body of toxins that can clog pores and plague the skin with pimples and blemishes,

Because Infrared saunas raise the body’s core temperature they cause profound sweating at the cellular level. And so detoxification takes place exactly where the toxins reside, deep below the skin.

Anti-ageing Infrared Sauna Benefits.

Light therapy widely recognised as a great anti-ageing tool  Red light therapy has become very popular in recent years. It increases collagen production and smooth wrinkles. 

But infrared wavelengths are helpful too.

As we age our body starts to struggle with effective elimination of toxins. The toxin build up causes lack of energy and fatigue.

Clinical tests have proven that infrared can also have a positive effect on increasing collagen and elastin levels too.

 Weight Loss

Burning calories whilst reducing wrinkles!!  Wait a minute this can’t be true!!

Well typically a half hour in an infrared sauna will burn around 150 calories. Thats a lot for just sitting down and feeling good.

Go to the gym and you’ll need to put out  a one mile brisk run on the treadmill to get the same effect.

Actually the immediate weight loss you see if you jump on the scales right after your sauna session is mostly water loss from sweating. Real weight loss comes from consistent use of the sauna.

Because your body is trying to maintain its core temperature, this burns real calories.

 Pain Relief

We have written extensively about infrared and pain relief elsewhere in the website. Pain management is often best served by specific and targeted infrared devices,  but all the infrared sauna benefits combined are great for general aches and pains.

They are particularly effective for post workout and post injury treatment. Because infrared penetrates between 1.5 and 3.0 inches it increases the blood circulation and blood flow. 

The absorbed light energy is converted into biochemical energy in the form of nitric oxide. This stimulates and accelerates the bodies natural healing processes. Naturally produced by the body, nitric oxide is a short-lived gas that widens and relaxes the blood vessels. In particular in the large veins and arteries. 

After just a short treatment time blood flow is increased to nerves and other tissues. This boost in local circulation is one of the reasons for the pain relief and injury regeneration.

Infrared wavelengths are specifically used to manage conditions like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

 Respiratory Infections

Infrared light has been used for many years in Europe (particularly Germany) as a relief or cure for   conditions like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, colds, flu, sinusitis and congestion. It is used to treat inflamed, swollen and mucus clogged passages.

Infrared light effectively kills off many of the viruses and bacteria that cause many upper respiratory infections.

 Blood Pressure

Many trials and studies have shown that infrared sauna therapy is effective in lowering blood pressure significantly.

In one University of Missouri, Kansas City study subjects were randomly assigned to either an infrared sauna or a conventional sauna. Systolic blood pressure was found to have decreased from an average of 130.5 to 124 in those using the infrared sauna. Those who were treated in a conventional sauna showed no improvement in blood pressure.

German researchers also found infrared sauna benefits after a one hour session showed a significant reduction of blood pressure. They also noted that blood viscosity was improved.

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Infrared Sauna Benefits. Top Tips.

Best Way to use an Infrared Sauna

It’s important not to confuse traditional saunas and your infrared sauna in how to approach using it.  Both types are obviously similar, but also have crucial differences. 

We want you to get the best out of your infrared sauna, so lets see how. 

Here are our top tips…..

Pre-sauna preparation.

Well we are a little ritualistic about this. Start taking on water at least an hour before you plan to take your sauna. This allows your body to hydrate properly. Take a nice warm shower too. If you use an exfoliant, then now is the time to use it when showering.

OK great you’re almost good to go.

One last thing, check for jewellery, especially earrings they are easy to forget. Although infrared saunas don’t get super hot its a good habit to take them off.  Don’t forget to take a towel inside the sauna to sit on. You might consider one for the floor too if your sauna does not have floor heating panel. This will minimise the sweat that you have to clean after your session.

How long ? 

Not long is the answer. Well initially at least.  Its important to build your time in the sauna slowly, this allows your body to adjust. Start with just 10- 15 minutes at a medium temperature, then increase the time slowly.  Your body should tell very quickly if you are overdoing it.

Don’t worry if you don’t start to sweat profusely when you start your infrared journey , and don’t be tempted to ramp up the heat and increase the time. 

We have taken a lifetime to build up toxins in our body and we won’t rid ourselves of them in a couple of sauna sessions. So stick to your timing plan, and be patient.

Post-sauna warm down

When your done, back to the shower and wash away the toxins your body has released. Use natural, non scented soap if possible.


Finally relax and rehydrate. Try to lay down if possible, it takes time for your core temperature to return to normal and stabilise particularly if you have had a long session.

Rehydration is very important after your sauna.  You need replace  electrolytes like, salt, magnesium, and potassium through food, drinks or some people prefer some kind of supplement intake.

How Often and “My Time”

You can enjoy infrared sauna benefits every day. With most users it becomes something that they really look forward to. Busy mums in particular benefit from having some time to their selves. What better “my time” than treating yourself to an invigorating, healthy sauna. If you ever need an excuse for “my time”, then the sauna is the perfect one.

Loofahs and Wash Clothes

Unless you are planning to wash them after each sauna session definitely avoid loofahs, wash cloths or sponges. These will quickly become contaminated with a build up of toxins. That’s right, the ones that you were trying to get rid of will come back and haunt you!!!  

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