illuMask LED Light Therapy Mask Review


The illuMask Light Therapy Mask is available for either acne or anti ageing treatments, you have to choose the one for the treatment you are looking for.

Here we have reviewed the anti ageing model.

The illuMask initially seems to be a budget entry level to light therapy cosmetic treatment. However you should be aware that the purchase price is only for 30 15 minute sessions. Each session is logged into the machine control counter and a countdown of sessions is displayed to let you know how many you have left.

After the sessions have expired you will need to purchase a replacement cord with a zeroed counter on it.  As you might imagine many users have noted they were able to get the mask to work beyond 30 uses by resetting it themselves.

The illuMask Anti-Aging Mask is exceptionally easy to set up and use. It runs from four AA batteries that are included in the purchase price. The LEDs turn on with a simple on/off switch Your session is timed for 15 minutes then the device turns off automatically.


Easy to use:          Very easy to set up out of the box.
Colour options:      It comes with infrared and red treatment LEDs .
Looks :                  Aesthetics are important. This looks cool.
Finish:                   Medium quality materials used.
Reviews:               Overall good reviews


The automatic shut down after 15 minutes is a good positive safety feature on the device, as it is incredibly east to fall asleep with it on because there are no slots built in to enable you to view through the mask.

There are no harmful UV rays emitted by the device so no need to worry about sunburn.

The illuMask is held in place for treatment by a set of over the ear arms built in to the body of the mask.

Because the mask runs from four AA batteries it is fully portable. You are not tethered to a power outlet.


The illuMask has been designed for maximum light coverage and efficiency. It is very lightweight and comes in a white plastic finish.


Tightens and plumps skin
Reduces crows feet and fine wrinkles
Helps symptoms of Rosacea
Increases cellular activity
Reduces and clears age spots.
Helps sun damaged skin to repair.
Evens skin tone.


Mask Unit
Battery power adapter
User Manual


Colour: White
Voltage: 4 x AA batteries
Treatment Areas: Facial.

illumask-featured-1BOTTOM LINE.

This is a budget option. When you consider the costs involved with treatment outside your home it will pay back your investment very quickly. As with all light treatments though it is not an overnight miracle cure. Results need time and consistency of use. Best results are normally seen with Light Treatments after at least 4 weeks.

This is a device does have a proven track record of success. The only real drawback is the 30 session limited controller. In effect you get 7 1/2 hours of treatment time for the purchase price. That is one 15 minute session a day for one month. It should be at least be enough time to tell if the illuMask fits into your life style, and indeed it should give you an indication if the device is starting to make a difference to your wrinkles etc.

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