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Circadian Optics Lumos SAD Lamp Review


Circadian Optics are without a doubt marketing the coolest looking SAD light on the market today. But this unit is not style over substance.

The Circadian Optics Light Therapy lamp gives you the full 10,000 lux requirement for optimum SAD treatment on its highest setting. Two additional light intensity settings of medium and low allows the light to be turned into a comfortable desktop reading lamp as well.


The Circadian Optics Lumos Lamp is not packed with features, but it is oozing with; not only elegance, but solid, clever engineering design.

We found the lamp gives unique flexibility of use because the treatment head can rotate a full 360º. Its design is based on principles of sleek lines and functionality. The lamp can be used laid flat, or turned info a desk style lamp by rotating the battery base which converts into the lamp base stand. We found that It remains perfectly stable when turned into a stand. Although it has an extremely small desktop footprint it can easily be folded back down and stowed away in a drawer if preferred.

The simple off/on switch is housed in the base of the Lamp. This also serves as the light intensity selector. By cycling the switch it takes the lamp through its three light intensity settings, up to the full 10,000 lux.

Circadian Optics


  • Enhances mood, and promotes a more restful sleeps
  • Helps to re-sync the body’s circadian clock
  • Increases energy levels
  • Promotes concentration


Easy to use:               Small, lightweight and portable. Untethered cordless.
Intensity options:    Low Medium and full 10,000 lux.
Great price:               This device offers a lot. See current price
Finish:                         High quality. 
Reviews:                     Excellent user experience. See reviews


The Circadian Optics Lumos lamp is best placed if possible where it bathes your face fully in light, when you are using it for SAD treatment.. Remember the proper hormonal response to SAD light therapy is through the retina of the eyes, not through the skin. Don’t look directly at the light though, that should be avoided.

Ideally place the lamp at an oblique angle from your gaze.

Because of the very small footprint and portability many people find it convenient to place the unit on the breakfast table, or on their work desk.

Remember the proper hormonal response to SAD light therapy is through the retina of the eyes, not through the skin.


SAD light therapy normally involves daily sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. As a precaution if you are using a SAD device for the first time it is wise to start at small increments of time such as 15 minutes, and then to gradually work up to longer period.

Light therapy is most effective if used in the morning, quite soon after waking up.

Using light therapy at night prior to going to bed may disrupt sleep.


  • Circadian Optics Daylight lamp
  • 6 foot long USB Cable
  • AC Wall Plug Adapter
  • Complete instruction manual
  • Warranty


Colour:                  Two tone Light Grey
Dimensions:        14 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches
Weight:                 1.3 lbs
Voltage:                AC via usb adapter
Lamps:                  60 LEDS 5,500 K
Filter:                     100% UV block
Battery:                 1800mA


Circadian OpticsIt is easy to forget that first and foremost the Circadian Optics lamp is a clinical device that should help to provide treatment to SAD sufferers. It seems though that the manufacturer has taken a decision to build a lamp that fills the clinical brief, and then asked themselves why it should look like it belongs in a hospital. The end result is a portable, powerful multi-functional device that works for us on many levels. What we do particularly like is the treatment head is large enough to be effective, but small enough to not intrude into every one else life. The light can be angled at so the whole room is not bathed in bright light, just the person being treated. 

Unlike some other lamps, with this one you don’t really need a mental commitment to get the thing set up. Then get positioned in front of it and start a treatment session. It can sometimes all get a bit formal. We found the Circadian Optics Daylight Lumos fitted effortless around us and what we were doing.

A feature that we would have liked to have seen is a timer or at least a built in auto off feature after 60 minutes for example.

Circadian Optics give a one year labour and parts warranty with the lamp. That is not as impressive as some other manufacturers. But having spent some time looking for users complaints about the reliability or build quality of the lamp we could only find one. So I guess that speaks for itself.

 Currently offered at a huge discount.  Price $24.99

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