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Carex Day Light Classic SAD Lamp Review


Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Carex Health Brand has been a leader in the home health-care market for over 30 years. It carries a very wide products range,  but here we are reviewing the Carex Day Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp.

The Carex Day Light Classic is a clinical grade SAD therapy lamp, that has been used in various scientific studies conducted around the world into the use of bright light treatments to control the symptom of SAD.


This is a large, and quite weighty lamp, with an impressive treatment panel size of 16 x 13 x 3 inches.

An adjusting pedestal allows the panel height to be selected. The top panel can extend to a maximum height of 28 inches from the base. That puts the screen centre at around 21 inches above the base. That is an important factor, as many users prefer the lamp positioned above their face for the maximum therapeutic benefit. The rake angle can be chosen by tilting light box panel to suit the user.

The light box houses three 3 x 36 watt CFL light tubes, which come pre-installed. These provides the maximum recommended 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light.

in the unlikely event one goes out replacement tubes are available from the manufacturer, or on-line. The life of the tubes,  although not specified by  Carex should be around 15000 hours. Enough to get you through a winter or two!!

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in clinical studies the Day Light Classic Plus has been proven to help relieve the general symptoms of the Winter Blues.

It can also helps:

  • Shift work adjustment
  • Jet lag and low energy levels
  • Enhance mood, and promote a more restful sleep
  • Re-syncs the body’s circadian clock
  • Promotes concentration

It is safe, flicker free and easy to use.


The recommendation for most SAD treatment devices is to place them where they bathe the face in light. Always preferably above eye level. The important thing is that both retinas have some exposure to the light. That does not mean you look directly at the light. That should be avoided, the same as we would never look at the sun. Many people find it convenient to place the unit on a table while taking breakfast, Remember the proper hormonal response to SAD light therapy is through the retina of the eye, not through the skin.


As a precaution when first using the device it is wise to start with short treatment times, Remember it will take the lamp a few minutes to warm up to its maximum 10000 lux strength. Small increments of time can be then added to work up to, and discover your optimum time. Light therapy is most effective if used in the morning, quite soon after waking up, and most people seem to find around thirty minutes sufficient.

The user should be aware that the Carex Day Light Classic will produce 10,000 lux at 12-14 inches from the light source. As the distance from the source increases the lux value decreases.  See our article explaining LUX and Lumens  >>
Here are some examples:

12 inches = 10,000 lux
24 inches =   2,500 lux
48 inches =      625 lux

Caution using light therapy in the evening may disrupt sleep.


This device a very specific SAD treatment lamp, and that is what it looks like, While some lamps can easily harmonise into their surroundings, this unit definitely can’t. It does have a nice clinical finish in gun metal grey, and a very practical, easy adjusting single pedestal stand. Some people have report the stand design as being a little unstable. From just a purely design point of view however we think it works well in reducing the overall visual impact of the lamp.

Overall build quality is good as you would expect from a company with the reputation of Carex.

Carex Day Light Classic WHAT WE LIKE

Easy to use:                Not feature rich so just on/off and two light                                      settings.
Intensity options:       Full 10,000 lux.
Finish:                         High quality.
Reviews:                     Excellent user experience.


  • Carex Day Light Classic treatment panel
  • Pedestal leg and base
  • Power Cable
  • Instruction manual
  • 5 year limited warranty.


Colour:                     Light Grey
Voltage:                   120 V
Bulbs:                       3 x 36 watt CFL light tubes
Weight:                     9.1 lbs


The Carex Day Light Classic lamp is much favoured as a prescription lamp for SAD sufferers.

It’s a well built, and well designed device that has a large following of satisfied users. Unlike some other light boxes on the market the Carex Day Light Classic  is not a feature rich. It does not include some of the additional built in features of other SAD lamps. The Carex Day Light Classic only offers clinical strength 10000 lux white light.

What does set the lamp apart from its rivals is its very large treatment panel, which will certainly benefit users in getting the most effective SAD treatment,  in the shortest time.

We actually like the “omni” approach that Carex has taken with this model. What you are paying for with the Day Light Classic is a highly clinical method of home SAD therapy treatment and a build quality that means that will last. This device could become your old best friend over very many winters to come.

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