Red Light sect

Bizarre New Sect uncovered in Hollywood




Worrying photos emerge! 
Photos have been leaked to the press exposing a bizarre new sect that has been recruiting in California. It seems it may have gained a firm foothold in many high levels of American society and in the movie business.

But in particular amongst many of America’s female A listers.

So far little is known about it. But here are some of the facts that are emerging about the unfortunate victims.


The sect seems to recruit mostly amongst a certain age group of women. Normally between the ages of 25 and 40.
From the scant facts that are available
All members seem to be beautiful, successful and very hard working career women. All have perfect skin and shoulder length hair, sometimes even longer. Most have a fair complexion and no freckles, but some do have a few!  Many have perfect bodies but not all.

Is this the requirement to join the sect? Or does the sect just attract women like that.

HudsonAnd what would drive women who on the surface seem to have the world at their feet into the clutches of this strange cult? A perplexing question. Despite many hours of research I have found no convincing answer to this.


Unfortunately the full ritual and ceremony of the sect is still unknown. But your faithful newshound has managed to uncover just a few shocking facts. It seems during at least one of the sect’s diabolical rituals these poor young women must strip off their clothes lie down horizontally. Then wait for it, some kind of ghastly white mask is then placed over their face.
Now we are not talking about a simple Zorro mask here.
We are talking a white Hannibal Lector mask on steroids.

But wait again, there is still worse to come.

Once the mask is in place.  From a location usually remote from the victim, someone then turns on some kind of kaleidoscopic light system inside her mask.
Yes that’s right. Inside the mask!!!
The victim is then left for up to thirty minutes to battle her own psychedelic demons. Then I suspect, and I am guessing here, that some kind of intense cleansing ritual would then place. As yet I have no firm evidence to back that up. But what I do know is that sects can be pretty big on cleansing rituals!


When all is over only a highly trained observer looking at young devotees might suspect that the hidden hand of the White Mask Sect had been at work. What is certain is that these young converts do look an absolute picture of health and beauty when their ritual ordeal is over. And before actually.

If the White Mask Sect is interesting enough for to Kourtney Kardasian (top), Kate Hudson (middle) and Jessica Alba (bottom) to join, then I should take a look myself.

So where do I sign up?

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