Blue light therapy

Best Blue Light Therapy For Acne: Acne Treatment at Home


Every one gets the odd pimple.  Acne breakouts?.  Yikes!! that’s a whole different level of problem, and that’s why we have created these blue light therapy reviews.

We all want nice skin, and if you are suffering acne you surely will have tried many of the topical products and remedies on the market to control it.

Now you can have the benefit of blue light therapy for home use.

Blue light therapy uses just the the power of light to treat the bacteria that cause acne. After only a few sessions the various strains of the p.acne bacteria can be quickly, and effectively treated.

As the p.acne bacteria reduces, the inflammation diminishes, and the skin will return to a normal healthy condition.

It’s now possible to treat acne without trips to the dermatologist.  No topical creams or medications are needed, and treatment can be done when it conveniently fits into your own daily schedule.

How Does Blue Light Therapy Work

The science of blue light therapy has been really well studied and documented. 

Excess sebum production leads to the growth of the bacteria. The P.acne bacteria feeds on sebum.  

It also causes oily skin, and plugs and enlarges pores. Blue light LEDs or lasers treat overactive sebaceous glands, and reduce the amount of sebum production.

It also stimulates a molecule called porphyrin, this is releases free radicals into the p.acne bacteria effectively killing it off.

Treatment devices often a combine of both red, infrared and blue light.

The blue light kills the acne bacteria, the red light closes the pores and smoothes the skin, and the infrared boosts the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood circulation to the skin.

Because the body’s immune system had stopped producing the antibodies needed to fight the acne bacteria; many patients see an almost immediate reduction in inflammation after using blue light.

How safe is Blue Light Therapy?

Light therapy has been well researched and is considered safe. It is good practice though to test your device on a none sensitive area of your body to check your skins reaction. Build up your treatment time slowly.

Be careful not to stare into the light. Perhaps surprisingly blue light is more likely to cause problems with your eyes than red. We recommend the use of goggles. You will find most manufacturers supply a set with their devices when you buy them.

The LED lights in home devices might get warm but never hot, and don’t emit harmful UV light. If you do take any medications that increase your sensitivity to light, then of course check with your medical professional before starting any light therapy.

Any side effects from Blue Light?

No adverse side effects have been reported in clinical trials. Some users have found  that their acne flared up after they began light therapy. Continued treatment  showed the flare up to subside and normalise. Light therapy will then accelerate the healing process.  Eye protection should always be used as the LED lamps are very bright. Never look directly into to the light’s.

How to Treat?

Home treatment is a great option.  There are many excellent light therapy devices available. We have reviewed the best of them below.  

With minor or grade 1 acne and pimples a hand held is brilliant at focused localised treatment and pimple zapping.  They are portable too so easy to pop in a bag when you’re travelling.

Table top devices are better suited to treat harder to reach areas areas like the back. 

Buying. How Much Do They Cost?

Unlike visits to the dermatologist, this should be a one time investment. So when deciding what to go for then make sure it is future proof. Pimple and acne breakouts might be small and localised now,  but might appear in other parts of the body later on.  

Best Blue Light Therapy Reviews

Trophy Skin Blue MD

6 Trophy Skin blue md detail


This is a premium product.

Not just a blue light device,  the Trophy Skin Blue MD uses an all inclusive approach to acne treatment by combining an array of blue, red and infrared lights.

The blue light kills the p.acne bacteria, the red activates collagen production and helps to smooth and calm inflammation.  The infrared increases circulation, which helps to regenerate damaged tissues.

The Trophy Skin Blue MD has an unusual design for a therapy lamp, but we like it. Its elegant looks are actually hiding a really powerful acne treatment lamp. The panel is fitted with 120 LEDs with blue as the priority colour. ( 60 x Blue Light, 40 x Red Light, 20 x Infrared)

Although it is a panel device it is really lightweight, so could be classed as a portable. In fact the lamp can easily be disassembled into three pieces for packing if you are travelling.

Not a feature rich device, an on/off  blister button on the base is all the controls it has. Nothing complicated here. It does have an automatic timer on board, that shuts the device down after the five minutes of treatment time that the manufacturer recommends.

All in all it’s a pretty cool looking thing.

It’s elegant good looks should not confuse you though. This is a seriously powerful device to control acne and pimple breakouts.


LightStim for Acne

lightStim for acne blue light therapy

Using what they call Multiwave Technology LightStim have combined blue and red lights into their acne treatment device. 

Just one of the products in the brilliant LighStim range, this acne busting device has been approved by the FDA to treat mild and medium breakouts.

The blue light destroys the bacteria causing acne and red light reduces redness and inflammation. Combined they help to clear up present breakouts, and stop future ones.

The LED array of 32 lights is fitted into a 2 inch head, so it’s not suitable for large areas that need treating. For the face though it is just perfect.

During the three minute treatment time the head gives off a gentle, soothing warmth. This helps to make the light treatment more effective.


Baby Quasar MD Blue

Baby Quasar MD Blue blue light therapy

If you’re looking for a near medical grade device then the Baby Quasar MD Blue could be the one. It’s one of the most powerful blue light home devices on the market. It comes at a high price though, but many users think it is worth its premium tag.

A clinical looking device, it is built using high quality anodised aluminium, it gives it a really professional look. Not feature rich, so it is easy to use, just an on/off switch on the back of the head to get treatment started.

The manufacturer recommends using it every other day. A full facial with it should take just sixteen minutes. The manual comes with the device explains the complete treatment protocol. If you have deep pockets and are looking for one of the top home use devices on the market the Baby Quasar MD Blue is well worth considering. It comes with a 90 day return policy, and a lifetime guarantee. That means that they really stand behind their product.


Norlanya Photon Therapy Panal

NNorlanya panel red light panel

This is almost a professional grade light therapy device. In fact Norlanya the maker manufactures products for the professional as well as the home use market. You can be assured of quality with this company’s products.

Although not specific to just acne treatment, it has a large enough density of blue and red LEDs to do a very effective job in controlling and treating acne.

A tryptic of wrap around panels. It has a huge overall sweep of 32cm (1ft and 1/2in). The 420 LEDs are spread equally over the three colour wavelengths. So you get a 140 of each colour. Coupled with a high power output makes for for very short treatment times indeed. 

An easy to understand control panel, and a built in timer assures precise treatment timing too.   It also has an additional two seasonal program modes. Built to an exacting standard Norlanya, The Photon Therapy device has the Norlanya professional high quality finish and design.

A great light therapy lamp, produced and marketed by a world leader in home and professional cosmetic treatment devices.


TANDA Clear Plus Professional

This is a really neat portable device. It offers three elements, blue light, vibration and warmth. When they are matched together in one device they make for effective and fast treatments of mild and medium acne outbreaks.  So simple pimple zapping is just a breeze for the Tanda.

The built in sonic vibration is a brilliant feature that increases micro circulation, this helps to reduce inflammation. The gentle warmth from the treatment head opens pores allowing more effective blue light penetration. P.acne bacteria can be quickly neutralised. A pretty cool set of features that when combined give the user a great chance for a successful treatment outcome.

The Tanda Clear Plus Professional is not packed with features but the ones it has are all useful. There is a built in sensor in the treatment head that activates the blue light LEDs only when it is in contact with the skin. And a built in timer turns the device off when the three minute treatment cycle is finished. As a safety feature it will also turn off if the treatment head gets too hot, it beeps to let you know.

The treatment head is detachable and should last for over 6000 hours. That’s a lot of pimples taken care of!!!    The Tanda is suited for dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin types.


Baby Quasar PURE RAYZ for Acne

clear-rayz blue light therapy

This is a neat device that has 72 LEDs in the treatment head. The blue or red lights have to be selected separately, so treatment time is a little longer than some lamps that can run the lights simultaneously. 

However what you are actually getting here is two treatment devices for the price of one.  The complementary red light array can be used on its own just as an anti-ageing treatment, or after the acne treating blue to reduce inflammation.

The treatment schedule is a little different to most manufacturers. Basically it’s two days using just blue light, then a day off, then two days using red light, then a day off. That should be continued for a month then the maintenance schedule just requires one treatment of each colour once a week.

It is a pretty small device, but is not totally portable as it requires a cord and power socket to work.

You get a 90 day money back guarantee with the Pure Rayz some that’s pretty comforting to know. It is an expensive premium product, but if it’s not working just return it. That’s pretty compelling we think.