Baby QuasarMD blue light therapy

Baby Quasar MD Blue Therapy Device Review

The Baby Quasar MD Blue is one of the most powerful blue light home devices on the market today. The large 1.95 inch head and extra power means shorter treatment times. The manufacturer estimates a full facial treatment time of only 16 minutes.

It comes housed in a high quality anodised aluminium body with the on/off switch situated behind the treatment head. With this prescription strength device you have effectively brought a dermatologist into your living room. Its 415-420nm blue light head has been cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical tool.


Easy to use:         Cordless and portable
Colour options:  It comes with a blue light only for acne treatment.
Looks great:        An anodised aluminium body gives a real professional look to the device.
Finish:                   High quality materials used.
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This is the top of the range acne treatment device on offer from Baby Quasar.  You will find its blue light spectrum has been carefully chosen to specifically treat acne . It’s portability gives you to use it anywhere and anytime. If you are travelling you can still continue your treatment schedule.

Baby Quasar MD

The Baby Quasar has been elegantly designed with a eye to the professional market. High quality finish

Power unit and LED head
Power adapter
User Manual

Colour: Brushed Aluminium
Voltage: 12V,110-220V
Treatment Areas: Facial, Body

This device has a proven track record and is from a reputable supplier. It’s price reflects the high power and quality of the materials used in the manufacture. This is a one use machine that has great results in treating acne. It has no other light configuration but blue so is not suitable to treat other cosmetic conditions such as anti ageing and wrinkle reduction.

As an acne treatment lamp it is great. We highly recommend it.

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