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Age Spot Removal. The Natural Way

Age spots are not an inevitable consequence of getting old. They are caused by too much exposure to UV light. As we all know they are usually found in areas of our body most exposed to the sunlight. When the skin is exposed to too much UV light it reacts by the skin producing melanin to protect itself. We all love sunny days, but sunbathing as we all know now can be extremely damaging to our skin. Age spots are just one of the downsides of sunlight that catches up with us sooner or later. If you are a sun worshipper, at least give your skin a chance by using a good UV blocking sun cream. Unfortunately it is only in fairly recent years we have come to understand the damaging effects of the sunlight when we expose ourselves to an excess. Some of us might even remember applying olive oil to our skin to speed the tanning process. Yikes!!!

Treating age spots

There are a number of treatments for age spots. A visit to your doctor may have you leaving with a prescription for retinol or hydroquinone. Dermabrasion is another option, this is a treatment where the top layer of skin is gently removed allowing new skin to regrow. It is not as radical as it sounds and dermabrasion is a main stream cosmetic procedure with many good outcomes for anti-ageing and acne patients.

Red light therapy has also had excellent results in treating age spots for those who are looking for a non evasive remedy.

  • If you are not ready to commit to any of the main stream treatments then help may be at hand in your kitchen larder:

Age Spot Removal  With Our Old Friend Apple Cider Vinegar and Onions

age spot removal acvApple cider vinegar is antibacterial and anti-fungal as well as a host of other things. ( See our article on Apple Cider Vinegar). Apple cider vinegar is a natural solution for a number of diseases and skin problems.  With careful and consistent exfoliation of the top layer of skin age spots can be removed, or at least can be lightened considerably.

I you don’t have a juicer, and want to know how to extract the juice from an onion manually, here’s how:

  • Use the large grater side. Grate the peeled onions into a bowl,.
  • Leave the grated onion to set in the bowl. Covered with cling film or a damp paper towel. Wait ten minutes or so while the juices seep out of onion.
  • Pour off the juices into a clean bowl.
  • Lastly wrap the grated onion in a piece of damp cheesecloth or a damp paper towel. Make sure it is damp because the dry cloth or paper will soak up the precious onion juice.
  • Squeeze  over a bowl to extract the remaining juice from the grated onions.

And voila, onion juice.

Age Spot Removal With Cucumber

age spot removal cucumberCucumber has been used for ages to remove our dark circles around our eyes. Simply cut and lay on our skin around our eyes and let the juices leek out.  It provides us with a natural solution to fairer, clearer and looking skin. This our next old friend in the kitchen vegetable rack that can help to remove age spots as well. Make a cucumber paste or use pure cucumber juice on the age spots two times every day. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Cucumber treatment helps to hydrate and lighten the skin. This is a great treatment especially during the summer months.

Age Spot Removal With Simple Lemon Juice

age spot removal lemonsLemon juice is a great home remedy for a number of minor ailments, illnesses and skin problems. Because lemon has natural bleaching properties it is perfect for lightening age spots. Just grab your juicer and squeeze some lemon juice. Apply liberally on the age spots and let soak for 20 minutes. Do this a couple of times a day if possible. You should notice your age spots lightening in just a week or two.

Age Spot Removal using Aloe Vera

age spot removal aloo-veraIt is not in everybody’s kitchen, but aloe vera and its use for skin treatments and general health has been known for centuries. Apply aloe vera directly on the age spots daily. If possible leave it on the full day or overnight if it¡s more convenient. Aloe vera helps in rejuvenating old skin and encourages new skin cells to develop.